IBM Unveils Versatile Multifunction Systems

Four New Multifunction Devices Help Clients Lower Output Costs, Improve Security

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BOULDER, CO - 17 Feb 2006: IBM today announced four new multifunction printers (MFPs) designed to help reduce output costs, improve productivity and enhance document security. The devices, which print, copy, scan and fax, can enable clients to consolidate and save money on supplies, service and support.

A recent InfoTrends study found that organizations, on average, spend six percent of their annual revenues on copying, printing, and fax-related costs. (1) "IBM's newest MFP solutions are designed to help clients lower these costs and increase efficiency by equipping employees with a reliable multifunction solution that enables easier, faster, smarter work," said Doug Oathout, vice president, IBM Printing Systems Division. "These new models provide higher performance than previous models, integrated design, new features, enhanced security, better serviceability, and improved output quality."

In addition to helping improve efficiency, the MFPs can help provide enhanced security through user sign-on features and encryption technologies designed to help ensure the protection of confidential information. For example, banks can use the MFPs as a remote image capture device at their branch locations. Employees can send images electronically through the branch network's secure infrastructure to help eliminate the need to copy and transport documents manually and help reduce the risk of documents being lost or destroyed.

Four multifunction devices accommodate almost any size workgroup

The IBM Infoprint® 1540 is an A3 / ledger multifunction device for small to medium workgroups that prints at up to 35 pages per minute (ppm). (2) The IBM suggested list price in the US is $11,542. (3)

The IBM Infoprint® 1560 is an A3 / ledger multifunction device for medium workgroups that prints at up to 45 ppm. The IBM suggested list price in the US is $12,858.

The IBM Infoprint® 1570 is an A4 / letter compact multifunction device for small to medium workgroups that prints at up to 50 ppm. The IBM suggested list price in the US starts at $3,259.

The IBM Infoprint® 1580 is an A3 / ledger multifunction device for large workgroups that prints up to 55 ppm. The IBM suggested list price in the US is $14,462.

Universal features improve ease-of-use, productivity

All of these models include an easy to use, integrated eight inch color touch screen that provides an intuitive operator access to the MFP functions. A "scan preview" feature can verify that appropriate settings have been selected, the document orientation is not upside down, and the correct side of the page was scanned. This can help eliminate user frustration and time spent scanning the wrong pages.

Other advanced print/copy/scan/fax functions can be easily accessed from this innovative display, helping to improve end user productivity and satisfaction. When used with the hard drive, Custom Job and Job Build features can combine multiple scanning jobs into a single job. The ability to adjust copy quality, reduce and enlarge, use separator sheets, margin shift, edge erase, date/time stamp and enhanced copy quality helps ensure professional results with ease of use.

The fax and e-mail function found on every one of these models allows operators to scan items and fax or e-mail them to one or more recipients directly from the MFP. Destination shortcuts, like the speed dial numbers on a telephone or fax machine, can help decrease training time and increase end-user productivity. Administrators can monitor and manage network devices in an enterprise environment via a Web browser to maintain productivity and improve end-user satisfaction.

An optional wireless feature delivers increased flexibility for clients by giving them more choices on where to place the devices.

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1 "Assessing & Benchmarking Document Costs: Developing a Future Document Strategy," Infotrends, September 28, 2005

2 Exact speed varies depending on document complexity, system configuration, software application, driver and printer state.

3 Resellers' prices may vary.