IBM To Release ''IBM And the Future of Privacy'' Podcast

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Armonk, NY - 09 Feb 2006: IBM announced today that the tenth podcast in the series, "IBM and the Future of . . ." will begin today on its investor Web site. The podcast is called "IBM and the Future of Privacy."

"IBM and the Future of Privacy" discusses how the collection and storage of personal data such as financial records, shopping habits and health records has raised new and important questions about personal privacy. Sharing more personal information will bring huge benefits. But it is also challenging our expectation of privacy. A new social consensus and new policies are needed to negotiate this trade off.

The podcast is hosted by Christopher Barger and features a discussion between Harriet Pearson, IBM's chief privacy officer and Jeff Jonas, the chief scientist for IBM Entity Analytics solutions.

The podcast will be available on IBM's investor Web site, at

While the current information on its investor Web site is largely historical, IBM's podcast series discusses both general technology trends and IBM innovations in a variety of emerging business and technology areas.

Future topics will include "IBM and the Future of . . ." work, television, commuting and the corporation.

Other podcasts in the series can be downloaded at

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