IBM and VoiceBox Technologies Extend Hands-Free Technology to Allow Drivers to Talk to Their XM Satellite Radios and Mobile Phones

IBM Embedded ViaVoice Chosen by VoiceBox for Development of Conversational Voice-Enabled XM Satellite Radio and Johnson Controls for Applications in Mobile Devices for Cars

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Armonk, N.Y. - 24 Jan 2006: XM Satellite Radio is going hands-free thanks to IBM and VoiceBox Technologies, Inc., allowing drivers to talk to their radio - and it will respond.

IBM and VoiceBox today announced that VoiceBox will integrate IBM's speech recognition engine, IBM Embedded ViaVoice into its VoiceBox Navigator(TM), the world's first conversational voice search platform.

VoiceBox enables users to search and navigate information using conversational free form speech. VoiceBox then creates and executes intelligent searches by determining the intent of the user based on the context of the request. Whether users are searching for music and entertainment, asking for driving directions or making a phone call, VoiceBox and IBM's combined technology will enable users to navigate and control information from mobile devices, accurately and intuitively with conversational dialogue.

The first user of the VoiceBox platform with IBM Embedded ViaVoice is XM Satellite Radio, which offers 160 digital entertainment channels of commercial-free music and premier sports, news, talk and entertainment. The new application allows drivers to search and control XM channels, raise and lower the volume or ask for traffic reports, stock quotes, sports and weather by simply talking to their XM radio.

"VoiceBox chose IBM Embedded ViaVoice as its source for voice technology because of its proven quality and high performance on embedded platforms used in real world environments," said Mike Kennewick, chairman and CEO of VoiceBox technologies. "The combination of VoiceBox's conversational voice-search capability and IBM's Embedded ViaVoice telematics offering will provide consumers of products such as XM Satellite Radio with an unprecedented user experience. This type of experience is necessary to foster widespread adoption of speech driven applications."

"We're leveraging IBM's leading voice-enabled telematics technology in additional markets including consumer electronics and service provider solutions, enterprise solutions, and set top box/digital media solutions," said Jim Holland, Product Line Manager Embedded Speech, IBM Software Group. "IBM has an industry leading quality track record and we work closely with our customers to integrate our technology into their solutions. We view VoiceBox's selection of IBM Embedded ViaVoice for the XM Satellite Radio solution to be an excellent example of what can be done when the technology from the right companies are combined to bring innovative solutions to the market."

The technology is expected to be made available to automakers and the aftermarket later this year. (All statements regarding future direction or intent are subject to change or withdraw without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.)

Johnson Controls and VoiceBox Enter Agreement
In addition, Johnson Controls, Inc., (NYSE: JCI - News) and VoiceBox recently entered a multiyear deal to provide VoiceBox Navigator's conversational voice search and retrieval features using IBM Embedded ViaVoice on Johnson Controls' BlueConnect® wireless mobile device gateway to the automotive market. The telematics voice search capabilities include Bluetooth® hands-free dialing and in-vehicle music navigation.

"VoiceBox's voice search capabilities will enable our customers to optimize the use of Johnson Controls' BlueConnect technology by offering a more intuitive user interface," said Jim Geschke, vice president and general manager of electronics, North America for Johnson Controls. "We selected VoiceBox after extensive testing because of its distinct, accurate and reliable voice user interface platform that allows users to speak in a natural informal way when operating in-vehicle devices such as navigation and music management, particularly in noisy car cabin environments."

The companies' telematics offering will leverage technologies within IBM Embedded ViaVoice and VoiceBox's Navigator Platform. IBM Embedded ViaVoice provides highly accurate and reliable speech recognition, while VoiceBox enables conversational search and navigation of media and other digital content from devices used in the car, home or mobile phone. VoiceBox Navigator is based on its Knowledge Enhanced Search and Speech Recognition algorithms that are designed to determine context and intent from conversational speech and its voice search engine that dynamically creates and executes context driven searches.

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