IBM Unveils Next Generation Self Checkout Systems

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RALEIGH, NC - 06 Dec 2005: IBM announced today its next generation of IBM Self Checkout solutions, including new models and significant lane design improvements designed to help make self checkout faster and easier for shoppers. IBM's new portfolio offers retailers the flexibility to implement popular self checkout in more store formats.

IBM's comprehensive self checkout offerings now include five models -- the versatile Model 171 conveyor belt model and four scan-and-bag models, all with a variety of bagging options. These systems can be customized for retailers looking for specific colors or formats.

Highlights of the announcement include:

"Self checkout is becoming mainstream across a wide variety of retail formats," said Tom Hawk, General Manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions. "These new models offer shoppers additional conveniences while delivering more options for retailers as they incorporate self checkout into their overall operation to transform store operations and enhance the shopping experience."

IBM offers innovative features like the placement of all devices, including cash acceptors and dispensers, at or above counter level within easy reach of the shopper, helping make it even easier and faster to use, and helping reduce the possibility of leaving change or cash behind.

The new models range from large systems for warehouse environments to small models that can fit in remote departments:

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IBM Self Checkout Model 151 is for retailers with a high percentage of express to midsize orders and limited front-end space. A carousel attachment allows for even larger orders to be processed in space-constrained areas.

IBM Self Checkout Model 152 is a tiered system for retailers with a high percentage of express to midsize orders. It is designed for eight items or fewer.

IBM Self Checkout Model 171 is an any-size-order, belted system that works well in retail environments ranging from warehouse stores to small shops that handle both large and small orders.

IBM Self Checkout Model 153 is a side-by-side three bag model for retailers with a high percentage of express to midsize orders. It is designed to handle 12 items or fewer.

IBM Self Checkout Model 131 is designed for small spaces and is ideal for retailers with limited front-end space, very small orders, or remote departments inside stores.