New IBM AS/400 Technology Dramatically Expands Unix Porting Options for Solution Developers

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SAN DIEGO, Calif - 28 Jan 2000: -- IBM today announced a new technology that dramatically expands porting options for Solution Developers to run UNIX applications on the AS/400.

The new capability, called AS/400 Portable Application Solutions Environment (AS/400 PASE), further enhances the integration of core application suites, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), with e-commerce, business intelligence, supply chain and customer relationship management applications on a single, multi-function server.

In conjunction with the IBM announcement, IBM Premier Business Partner J.D. Edwards announced plans to offer its Active Supply Chain suite, an advanced planning and scheduling solution, on AS/400, one of the first industry-leading e-business enterprise solution providers to use the new technology. Both announcements were made today in San Diego, at PartnerWorld 2000, IBM's major Business Partner show.

"AS/400 PASE is designed to meet requirements of highly compute-intensive applications that favor a UNIX environment," says Edward Sitarski, vice president, supply chain planning, J. D. Edwards. "With its improved porting speed for UNIX applications, PASE allows us to bring our Active Supply Chain suite to market faster on AS/400."

AS/400 PASE is a fully integrated component of OS/400 that provides a subset of AIX runtime functionality. It exploits the AS/400 processor's ability to switch between AS/400 and UNIX run-time modes. Applications deployed using AS/400 PASE run natively on the AS/400 and take full advantage of its file systems, security and DB2 Universal Database for AS/400. AS/400 PASE is available immediately in OS/400 Version 4 Release 4 on all AS/400e servers.

The AS/400, with more than 650,000 servers shipped to companies ranging from small and medium businesses to the enterprise market, extends from its core strengths of ERP applications, to support groupware, supply chain and e-commerce applications, all on a fully integrated server platform. Applications can run together in a single system or they can be divided into logical partitions (LPAR) to isolate applications with specific performance, language or time zone requirements.

AS/400 PASE applications can use AS/400 file systems and DB2 Universal Database for AS/400, and can be integrated with Java, Lotus Domino and OS/400 Integrated Language Environments (ILE) applications.

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