IBM Announces DB2 Universal Database for NUMA-Q Servers

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SAN ANTONIO - 17 Feb 2000: -- IBM(R) today announced the availability of DB2(R)Universal Database for its Intel processor-based NUMA-Q(R) servers. NUMA-Q servers and the DB2 Universal Database today run many of the world's largest commercial databases. In combination, they provide an ideal platform for e-business solutions that require very high performance for multi-terabyte databases.

The NUMA-Q architecture uniquely combines the linear scalability of parallel processing and the easy manageability of a single image SMP platform with industry leading technology for moving massive streams of data generated by large scale e-business activity. The unparalleled scalability and the ease of database administration of DB2 Universal Database is ideally suited for the NUMA-Q platform.

"NUMA-Q systems have proven to be the leading Intel-based platform for very large deployments of relational databases," said Jim Kelly, vice president of marketing IBM Data Management Solutions. "NUMA-Q and DB2 Universal Database are very complementary and will enable the creation of some of the highest performance database environments in the world."

"Our business intelligence data is housed on NUMA-Q 2000 systems, while many of our core applications remain on DB2 in a System 390 environment," said Keith Kaiser, Director of Information Services, Giant Eagle. "The DB2 Enterprise - Extended Edition on NUMA-Q is an exciting option and promises to be an excellent opportunity for better performance and management efficiency across an enterprise-wide DB2 environment."

The NUMA-Q server is scalable from 4 to 64 Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors and features an industry leading multi-pathed Fibre Channel I/O subsystem capable of 3.2 GB/sec sustained throughput.

DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Enterprise - Extended Edition (EEE) serve as the foundation for industry-leading decision support, e-business, ERP and CRM applications providing superior scalability and performance across applications. DB2 UDB EE, a multi-user object relational database scaling from single processor systems to the data center, is ideal for customers ranging from startup-size companies with data center-size requirements to large corporations, particularly where there is a need for Internet connectivity. DB2 UDB EEE provides a high performance mechanism to support large databases, which were traditionally housed on clustered servers before the introduction of NUMA-Q technology, and is ideal for applications including data warehousing, and business intelligence. Because of its architecture, DB2 UDB EEE fully exploits the linear scalability of NUMA-Q.

IBM is also delivering a DB2 Software Developer's Kit, a run-time client, and DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition for NUMA-Q. DB2 Connect provides direct access from NUMA-Q servers and gateways to DB2 databases on hosts such as OS/390 and VM, and DB2 for AS/400. The following tools have been ported to the NUMA-Q platform; Net.Data, MQ Series, and Tivoli Storage Manager. The DB2 XML Extender is also being ported to NUMA-Q.

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