New IBM Hardware Links Windows 2000 to the Enterprise

Windows-optimized Technologies, Packaging and Services Simplify Set-up, Management

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New ThinkPad Notebook Computers - 17 Feb 2000: through e-support and HelpCenter support, IBM customers can have their technical and operational questions answered for Windows 2000. Up and Running Support is free for 30 days to IBM PSG customers who have purchased a new Windows 2000 preloaded machine. Prices for Windows 2000 Helpware Support can range from $79.00 - $149.00, depending our your PSG product.
- Education for Windows 2000 -- a series of education courses to train end users and technical support staff on the functions and operations of Windows 2000. These courses are available through IBM Learning Services.

IBM Evaluation and Implementation Services for Windows 2000
IBM recently announced the general availability of its Windows 2000-based services, which are designed to help companies evaluate and deploy Windows 2000. The services, available through IBM Global Services' Enterprise Services for Microsoft Technologies Practice, address five key Windows 2000 implementation areas: Readiness Evaluation, Analysis and Strategy, Architecture and Design, Implementation Planning, and Development and Implementation. The services are dedicated to providing the worldclass expertise and broad business process knowledge companies need to efficiently deploy and optimize their Windows 2000-based solutions. IBM has over 6,000 Windows experts worldwide available to help customers with their Microsoft projects.

Through its Enterprise Deployment Partnership Program (EDPP), IBM is already working with numerous, large enterprise companies on their Windows 2000 deployment projects. By working with these companies, IBM Global Services is further developing its Windows 2000 expertise and uncovering lessons that can be applied to other customers' Windows 2000 projects.