IBM and Provide Customers With 'Out-of-office' Experience; Application Service Provider Chooses IBM RS/6000 Over Sun, HP

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 24 Feb 2000: -Internet startup has selected powerful IBM RS/6000 servers to energize its innovative service, which allows
customers to access data "anywhere, anytime" via a wide range of electronic devices. IBM's RS/6000 H70 server was chosen over competing products from Sun Microsystems and
Hewlett-Packard following an exhaustive feature-to-feature comparison. promises to end the data access challenge faced by business people on the go. To begin using the service, customers upload data -- such as word processor files, e-mail,
calendars and addresses -- to the IBM RS/6000 servers. then converts the data into HTML, the language of the Internet; and Wireless Markup Language (WML), which can be
used by a variety of hand held devices. Customers can then access the server-based information from any device equipped with a Web browser, as well as from mobile computing appliances that
adhere to the WML standard, such as the PalmPilot(TM) and certain cell phones. has also solved the challenge of version control -- ensuring that files are kept up to date. The company's "SynchWizard" enables customers to easily update the server with the
most recent copy of any file. The latest version is subsequently distributed to each client device that accesses the server. For telecommuters, this provides a new level of convenience.

"IBM RS/6000 and are teaming-up to provide perhaps the ultimate in e-business solutions: the out-of-office experience," said Mike Kerr, vice president of product
marketing, Web servers. "An increasing number of people are traveling and using more than one computer, and they all have a problem synchronizing their data. has put the power
of our servers to work for the mobile user, helping travelers eliminate distance as a productivity barrier."

"'s mission is to unshackle people from their computer terminals," said Matthias Hirschfeld, chief operating officer, "With IBM's help, we are off to a great start."

The team installed two RS/6000 H70 servers in a cluster configuration that provides the reliability to run a business that never closes. The cluster also hosts's
database applications for internal use.

"We selected IBM's RS/6000 platform for several reasons including performance, reliability and the security features built into AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system," said Hirschfeld.
" encrypts and decrypts all of the data sent to and from our servers. The importance of high security for our customers is just one reason we chose RS/6000 over Sun and

"In addition," he added, "we selected RS/6000 because the servers provide a tremendous amount of processing power in a very small footprint, allowing us to conserve space and increase

The service, with 100MB of server space, costs six dollars per month. This price includes a Web calendar, an HTML/WML front end that allows server access from any
browser and WML-enabled device, and an "e-mail collector" that pulls mail from a customer's multiple e-mail accounts into a central inbox.