IBM Copper Server Outsells Sun E10000 in New Study

IDC Reports Customers Overwhelmingly Chose RS/6000 S80 Over Higher-Priced Sun System

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SOMERS, N.Y - 13 Mar 2000: -- IBM announced today that its RS/6000 S80 server is outselling the E10000, Sun Microsystem's competing UNIX system, by a wide margin, according to a report issued today by International Data Corporation (IDC). The Q4CY99 server market report shows IBM sold nearly three times as many new RS/6000 S80 servers (715), as compared to new Sun E10000 servers (255),* in the fourth quarter of 1999.

The main trend revealed by the IDC report is just how rapidly IBM has redefined the market for high-end UNIX servers, which are typically used to power mission-critical data-intensive applications. While IDC classifies the RS/6000 S80 as a mid-range server because of its low price, it nevertheless outperforms the more expensive Sun E10000, which is classified as high-end because it costs more. As a result, UNIX customers are turning to the RS/6000 S80 in record numbers for unparalleled high-end performance at a lower, mid-range price.

"The IDC numbers on the S80 clearly demonstrate that UNIX customers will respond quickly when the best server technology is made available at the right price," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Servers. "A wide range of customers from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups are choosing the S80 because it offers unparalleled performance, scalability and reliability at a price far below comparable offerings from Sun Microsystems."

The IDC report also highlights the dramatic impact that IBM technology is now having on the UNIX server marketplace. The RS/6000 S80 is equipped with revolutionary IBM copper-based microprocessors that have fueled performance breakthroughs and helped it to surpass the Sun E10000 as the industry's most powerful UNIX server.**

While the IDC 1999 fourth quarter numbers for the S80 are impressive, IBM's sales reveal that customer response to the S80 continues to grow in the new year. As of mid-January, more than one thousand S80's had been sold in the product's first four months on the market, making it the fastest selling high-performance UNIX server in history. It took Sun two years to sell as many of its comparable product, the E10000.

In head-to-head comparisons versus the Sun E10000, the 64-bit RS/6000 S80 equipped with up to 24 copper-based microprocessors wins the overwhelming majority of performance benchmarks, far exceeding the performance of a more costly E10000 using up to 64 microprocessors. The price/performance of an RS/6000 S80 with 24 microprocessors and 64 GB of memory is about 50 percent better than an Sun E10000 with 64 microprocessors and 64 gigabytes (GB).***

The RS/6000 S80 with AIX, IBM's award-winning UNIX operating system is a first-tier port for the world's leading software database and application providers, including Oracle, Baan, Hyperion, i2, IBM DB2, JD Edwards, Lawson, Netscape, PeopleSoft, Sanchez, SAP and SAS Institute. The S80 holds the distinction of being the most decorated server in the history of computing benchmarks, currently holding ten of the top spots on leading industry benchmarks. For more information on the S80's record-setting benchmark performance, see:

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More than 1,000,000 IBM RS/6000 systems have been shipped to over 150,000 commercial and technical customers around the world. The RS/6000 family of computers feature IBM RISC-based microprocessors and run AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system. RS/6000 delivers the industry's most complete UNIX offerings by combining applications with hardware, software, service and support -- a combination that yields new levels of high availability, scalability, system management, performance, and Deep Computing capabilities.

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*IDC Quarterly Server Tracking Report through 4Q99.

** Based on TPC-C single system benchmark results. See

** Based on TPC-C single system benchmark results. See

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