IBM Announces WebSphere Everyplace Suite

New Server Software and Services Make it Easy to Develop, Manage and Deliver Web and Enterprise Applications to a Variety of New Devices

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PARIS - 13 Mar 2000: -- IBM today announced WebSphere Everyplace Suite, a new server software offering that lets businesses easily develop, manage and deliver Web and enterprise applications to a variety of devices, including wireless handsets, PDAs and other Internet appliances. In addition, IBM Global Services announced it has developed capabilities to provide quick-start engagements for using this software suite to plan and build solutions for mobile e-business in a variety of industries, including finance, retail and travel.

The IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite combines into one product the necessary "software ingredients" that businesses, application developers and Web integrators need to accommodate the special needs of new devices. For example, it includes IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher to automatically "translate" data into an appropriate format that can be read from a device to which the data is being sent and Tivoli Subscription Manager that lets businesses easily track and manage devices while providing a personalized environment for their employees and customers. It also has robust data synchronization capabilities to keep data current across multiple devices and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) functionality for wireless Internet access. No other vendor offers all these functions in one simple scalable solution.

"Simple access to Internet and enterprise applications has tremendous potential to improve employee productivity and customer relationships-- from allowing sales representatives to access email, critical pricing and product information to letting customers do online shopping, banking and entertainment, virtually anytime, anywhere," said Jon Prial, Director of Marketing for IBM's Pervasive Computing Division. "By integrating all the necessary software into an easy to install and deploy solution, the complexities of supporting these new devices are masked, allowing organizations to focus on what matters most, building and delivering solutions for mobile e-business."

Because IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite delivers content from application hosting platforms, including WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Domino(a), to a variety of pervasive devices, businesses can start now to easily extend their existing applications.

IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite has been developed as a direct result of extensive experience gained by working with customers around the world. In the last 12 months, IBM consultants and systems integration teams have used elements of the WebSphere Everyplace Suite to create new wireless applications and services that are in use today. For example, IBM has helped companies like Sabre, SwissAir and Delta Air Lines let their customers use wireless devices to make and change travel reservations, virtually anytime, anywhere. And we have helped more than a dozen financial services companies deliver their online banking and trading services to wireless devices.

"In the next few years two-thirds of all Internet transactions are expected to be generated by new wireless handsets and other mobile devices. We have already helped many customers get an early start with new applications that leverage these devices. Websphere Everyplace Suite packages that knowledge and expertise to offer the industry's most complete solution for enabling mobile e-business," Prial added.

In addition, IBM announced it has developed industry-specific capabilities to provide quick-start engagements. Utilizing components of the Websphere Everyplace Suite and IBM Global Services expertise, these quick-start engagement capabilities are available today for the following industries, Finance, Retail and Travel. They are also available in cross-industry application areas, including Personal Productivity (email, calendaring, messaging), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

IBM Websphere Everyplace Suite is available immediately on a special bid basis and will be generally available in the second half on Unix platforms (AIX version 4.3.3 and Solaris version 7). Pricing has not been set.

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