IBM Introduces New NetVista Brand of Personal Computing Devices

NetVista will be IBM's Most Significant Desktop Rollout Since the First PC

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 13 Mar 2000: -- IBM(a) today announced a new brand of personal computing devices -- next-stage PCs, Internet access devices and thin clients. The highly-styled NetVista(a) line is the company's most dramatic and significant roll out of desktop technology since its first PC almost 20 years ago.

The IBM NetVista family is distinguished by stylish matte-black designs, featuring high-resolution flat-panel screens. NetVista is the first line of PCs and devices designed from the ground up for fast, high-bandwidth Internet access, easy set-up and simplified use. In a move to legacy-free designs, many NetVista models feature a menu of next-generation technology like universal serial bus, 256-bit encryption and wireless LAN capabilities.

"IBM changes the rules when it invests in a technology category. We did it before with ThinkPad(a) and most recently with our Netfinity(a) line of servers," said David Thomas, senior vice president, IBM Personal Systems Group. "NetVista devices are easier to use, slimmer, and will give our customers faster access to the Internet, enhanced connectivity and deadbolt security."

NetVista is built for a new and evolving era in personal computing, a time when fast and easy access to the Internet matters most. In this environment, what the device does becomes more important than what's inside it, and the value of NetVista is IBM's ability to match the right device to the customer's vision of what that device might do.

IBM plans to invest more than $100 million in marketing and advertising campaigns to support NetVista. In addition, IBM will be introducing several NetVista-related support and service programs, such as a monthly subscription for a full suite of software, services and hardware. In another example, a NetVista home-office solution will bring "big-business" benefits, such as firewalls, to home users.

In the last two weeks, IBM has announced discussions with AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Lycos, SBC and Bell Atlantic to pilot the IBM NetVista Internet appliance with businesses who are trying to reach their customers with customized-branded content and services.

"For today's customers, the 'one-size fits all' PC is giving way to any device that delivers easy access to the Internet and enhances their ability to get things done," said Maria DeGiglio, senior analyst, D.H. Andrews, Boston. "IBM's NetVista is a bold step towards freeing customers from the cumbersome technologies that made PCs difficult to use and manage, and gives them devices that more closely fit their work and lifestyle needs."

IBM's NetVista products are planned to be available for purchase directly from IBM via 1-888-ShopIBM or, beginning in the second quarter (1). By providing customers a choice of buying online or by phone, IBM provides a one-stop shopping environment that offers the necessary equipment, support and information for all their computing needs. NetVista products will also be available through IBM Business Partners. The IBM NetVista lineup includes:

NetVista All-in-One

IBM's NetVista All-in-One is a high-performance device, yet 75% smaller than the typical home or office PC -- just 16 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches in a sleek, space-saving design. The CD/DVD-ROM and floppy drive tuck neatly away and a unique neck design allows the rapid access keyboard to fit beneath the monitor to free up desk space. The All-in-One boasts a bright, 15" flat panel monitor and built-in speakers. An optional radial arm saves even more desk space by allowing the system to be mounted on a wall or clamped to the edge of a desk.

The NetVista All-in-One is expandable with two PCI slots and seven USB ports that enable easy connection to printers, modems and other plug and play devices. The All-in-One also features a wireless LAN option, which will allow users to avoid the awkward and space-hogging labyrinth of cables and wires for customers such as hospitals, financial institutions and home users.

NetVista Legacy-Free

IBM's NetVista Legacy-Free PC delivers the functionality of a conventional PC with the simplicity, reliability and security of a thin client. The NetVista Legacy-Free features a vertical, space-saving design, yet includes a docking cradle for easy synchronization with handheld devices such as an IBM WorkPad(a) or other palm-sized organizers. Integrated Ethernet capability makes network connection fast and easy, and a "sleep" key conveniently places the system in power-saving mode, while tapping another key allows the system to re-engage without rebooting.

The NetVista Legacy-Free is equipped with two slots and three bays, and seven USB ports. It also features IBM's industry-exclusive embedded security chip and 256-encryption technology, helping customers ensure their most valuable asset, their data, is protected, and that e-business transactions are as safe as they can be.

NetVista Internet Appliance

The IBM Internet Appliance is a simple, lightweight device that offers built-in broadband connectivity for instant access to the Internet. IBM partners, such as broadband service providers, Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs) and customers in such data-intensive industries as finance and healthcare are expected to offer the NetVista Internet Appliance to their customers as a complete Internet-access device. Its compact design also allows the Internet Appliance to be easily customized with vendor branding, on-screen branding and Web-site links. The IBM NetVista Internet Appliance is planned to be made available only through IBM's partners.

NetVista Zero-Footprint Thin Client

The IBM NetVista Zero Footprint Thin Client is an inexpensive space saving solution that combines an IBM NetVista Thin Client N2200 with an IBM T55 flat-panel monitor, which allows for an easy upgrade or replacement of the monitor or thin client independently. Special brackets attach the thin client firmly to the back of the monitor, where it stays out of sight to the user. For those customers where space is severely limited, such as airlines check-ins and retail check-outs, the IBM NetVista Zero Footprint Thin Client minimizes the amount of desktop real estate needed for thin client computing.

To order IBM products, please visit or call 1-888-ShopIBM (1). For more information on NetVista, please visit

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(a) Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation (1) The IBM NetVista Internet Appliance is planned to be made available only through IBM's partners.