IBM offers Small Businesses new ThinkPad i Series Models

Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of IBM's Owner Privileges

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- 15 Mar 2000: ROM
- ThinkPad i Series model 1482 is $2,199; 500MHz Mobile Intel Celeron processor, 14.1" TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 12GB HDD, 6X-1X DVD-ROM
- ThinkPad i Series model 1492 is $2,699; 500MHz Intel Mobile Pentium III processor, 15" TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 12GB HDD, 6X-1X DVD-ROM

Three ThinkPad i Series 1500 notebooks come preloaded with Microsoft(R) Office 2000 Small Business Edition -- the software package with tools and applications designed to streamline small business operations and manage customer relationships -- in addition to the same hardware features available on the ThinkPad i Series 1400 models.

- ThinkPad i Series model 1592 is $2,699; 500MHz Intel Mobile Pentium III processor, 15" TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 12GB HDD, 24X-10X CD-ROM
- ThinkPad i Series model 1562 is $2,499; and 500MHz Intel Mobile Pentium III processor, 14.1" TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 12GB HDD, 24X-10X CD-ROM
- ThinkPad i Series model 1542 is $1,999 500MHz Mobile Intel Celeron processor, 12.1" TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 12GB HDD, 24X-10X CD-ROM.

Owner Privileges Extended
IBM has expanded the number of products covered under the Owner Privileges program to include all PSG products purchased via This includes purchases of Intellistations(R),, Commercial Desktops, ThinkPad notebooks, AptivasR, NetfinityR servers, WorkPad PC Companions and third party options, as well as subscriptions to WebConnections.

After registering for Owner Privileges membership, both individual and small business members of the Owner Privileges Program can take advantage of services including:

World Class IBM Service & Support:

-- Convenient "one-stop" phone number for contacting IBM via 1-888-PRIVILEGES, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.
-- Preferred call handling to IBM's technical service and support.
-- Customized online support profile to speed service.
-- Proactive e-mails that include technical hints specific to the products purchased by the customer.

Information Services

-- Monthly e-newsletters, with tips and hints for users.
-- Ask the Expert -- to optimize the IBM product that was purchased.
-- online library of articles.

Buying Privileges

-- Great deals at great values -- including IBM and third-party products and services.
-- Quarterly catalogs featuring everyday competitive pricing with special promotional values exclusive to IBM Owner Privileges members.
-- Bi-Weekly e-mails featuring the latest "hot deals" and special pricing available to members.
-- Advance notice of upcoming special sales -- "early bird" specials for members-only.

Additional Opportunities for Members
Small business owners who are members of IBM's Owner Privileges program can benefit from offers by third-party companies. Services offered by these companies are featured on the Owner Privileges Web site, and include:

- ( provides voice messaging services to users. Owner Privileges members can take advantage of this service that allows potential and current customers to verbally communicate through the proprietor's Web site.
- ( offers small businesses one of the largest online inventories of office supplies and customer services. As a special promotion, Owner Privileges members will be eligible for savings of up to 20 percent off their office supplies order, and special shipping offers.
-'s ( offerscorporate purchasing service in a quick, easy and efficient manner, helping to lower customers' costs. Users can choose to set up private marketplaces, accessible only to their businesses and suppliers, for password-protected trade. Owner Privileges members are eligible for savings off the regular subscription price.
- ( is offering $30 in postage to small business Owner Privileges members who open up accounts with (Special terms and conditions apply, members can visit the Owner Privileges Web site for details). As one of the fastest growing Internet mailing and shipping service with more than 100,000 customers to date, allows customers to leverage the Internet for immediate access to purchase and print postage right from their desktop.

For details about these and other benefits, visit the Owner Privileges Web site at or by calling (888) PRIVILEGES. Additional information about IBM ThinkPad can be obtained through the Web site located at, or by calling 800-426-7255 ext. 4212.

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(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.
(2) GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity
(3) These V.90 modems are designed to be capable of receiving data up to 56Kbps from compatible service provider, and transmitting data up to about 31.2Kbps. Public networks current limit maximum download speeds to about 53Kbps. Actual speeds depend of many factors and vary and are often less than the maximum.\
(4)IBM purchase price; does not include tax or shipping and is subject to change without notice
(5) Variable read rate. Actual playback speed will vary and is often less than the maximum possible.

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