IBM's UNIX Operating System Rated Number One in Study

D.H. Brown Report Says AIX is Superior to Sun Solaris

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SOMERS, N.Y - 24 Mar 2000: -- IBM's UNIX operating system, AIX, outpaced competing operating systems from Sun, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard, according to a new independent consultant review released today. The report, published by D.H. Brown Associates, Inc., specifically cites AIX's superiority over Sun's Solaris operating system in the crucial area of Internet and Web application functionality.

According to the study, AIX Version 4.3.3, introduced last September by IBM, has the industry's best set of Internet features with top-rated file, mail and Web services, in addition to possessing superb e-commerce options. AIX's potency in Internet and Web application services is in stark contrast to Sun's Solaris operating system which placed fourth overall in the study. Solaris's limited e-commerce options, along with a lack of many TCP/IP extensions considered key to Internet functionality were cited as reasons for the low rating.

"AIX 4.3.3 from IBM outperforms other UNIX operating systems due in large part to its unmatched Internet and Web application features," said Tony Iams, senior analyst in D.H. Brown's Systems Software research program. "It is clear that IBM's investment in AIX has yielded big dividends in the vital area of Internet functionality."

"IBM's commitment to making AIX the industry's best UNIX operating system is reflected in this year's DH Brown report." said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Server Unit. "AIX offers users the most robust, scalable and reliable UNIX platform for critical e-commerce and Internet applications."

The exceptional Web serving abilities of AIX 4.3.3 were demonstrated last September on the SPECweb96 performance benchmark, when an IBM RS/6000 S80, running AIX 4.3.3, shot past Sun, HP and others to become the world's fastest Web server. The addition to AIX 4.3.3 of IBM's HTTP Get Engine, which serves Web pages from in-kernel Web cache while staying in kernel mode, vastly improved the performance of Web pages served by the RS/6000.

In addition to superior Internet and Web functionality, D.H. Brown reports that AIX has the best system and hardware management, supporting plug-and-play configuration of RS/6000 hardware and peripherals. The study also highlights AIX's excellent performance clustering capabilities and strong remote manageability based on its Web-based System Manager.

The first place finish in today's DH Brown Report is just the latest in an impressive list of accomplishments compiled by AIX 4.3.3 since last September:

- 1/7/2000 IBM announces a six-way RS/6000 S80 server running AIX 4.3.3 set new records for Java performance and scalability, surpassing the previous record holder, a Sun E6500 server containing more than three times the processors.

- 1/5/2000 IBM and America Online Inc. announce that the Sun-Netscape Alliance will significantly expand the number of iPlanet Internet infrastructure and e-commerce application products that are ported to the IBM AIX UNIX platform.

- 12/22/99 A download of IBM AIX Developer Kit, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.2.2 for AIX Version 4.3.3 is made generally available at no additional cost from the IBM Java Developer Kit download site at: With this release, customers can create and run Java applications using Java version 1.2 application programming interfaces.

- 12/20/99 IBM and Bull announce an extension of their agreement to continue to work together on IBM POWER processor-based UNIX systems and AIX. The companies will continue work on AIX applications including workload management, Web-based systems management and reliability and availability features to maximize applications uptime.

- 9/29/99 IBM announces SecureWay Firewall Version 4.1 for AIX, designed to strengthen e-mail security for Internet multimedia applications.

- 9/13/99 IBM introduces AIX 4.3.3 which includes new features, such as Quality of Service administration, to help administrators manage network bandwidth under policy-based control and Workload Manager, which helps system administrators apply resource management policies to different workloads to help manage peak system demands. IBM also announced plans to deliver a Linux application execution environment, designed to allow most application binaries to run on RS/6000 servers with AIX 4.3.3. The Linux application execution environment will provide Linux application programming interfaces so that Linux applications also can be recompiled to run natively on AIX.

- 9/13/99 IBM unveils new applications to the AIX Bonux Pack, available at no additional charge. The Bonus Pack Edition 9909 includes: Chili!Soft ASP V3.9 Five User Developer's Edition, a Web application server, designed to support server consolidation; and SCO Tarantella V1.4 Two User Evaluation Software, a tool that "Web-enables" applications so they can be published on the Web without rewriting them. DB2 Universal Database V6.1 also is enhanced to support e-commerce applications.

AIX supports both 32- and 64-bit IBM RS/6000 systems, from workstations, to Web servers, to many of the world's most powerful computers. It is also the operating system run by IBM's Shark Enterprise Storage Server, the fastest disk system available.

AIX/Monterey is a major UNIX operating system initiative led by IBM, along with SCO and Intel, and accepted by leading OEMs including Bull and Samsung Electronics. The version of AIX, AIX/Monterey is a volume, enterprise-class UNIX product that runs across Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processors and IBM POWER processors that range from departmental to large data center servers. This volume UNIX operating system is being developed for Intel's IA-64 microprocessors using technologies from IBM's AIX, DYNIX/ptx and SCO UnixWare. IBM is continuing to work with major OEMs and ISVs to help make AIX/Monterey the industry-leading UNIX by delivering a single operating system product line that will run on systems based on IBM POWER and Intel architectures. Lawson Software is the latest software provider to announce its plans to port its software applications to the AIX/Monterey operating system.