IBM Server Setup is a "SNAPP" With Palm Computing Platform

Internet Service Providers Can Configure and Manage RS/6000 Server with Handheld

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SOMERS, N.Y - 31 Mar 2000: -IBM today announced SNAPP, an innovative Web-based application that allows customers to configure and manage an RS/6000 B50 server with hand-held computers based on the Palm Computing(R) platform. The new application simplifies the server installation process and requires only minimal knowledge of system hardware and AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system.

SNAPP (System Networking, Analysis, and Performance Pilot) is designed for Internet and Application service providers (ISP, ASPs), who often have multiple racks of IBM's RS/6000 B50 servers supporting their Internet sites. The software uses XML, a standard means of exchanging data, to send information back and forth between the handheld computer and the server, eliminating the need to connect a monitor, keyboard or a mouse to each server for configuration and system monitoring. Customers can also modify the software to monitor and control other features of the server such as CPU and disk performance.

Here's how it works:

1. Download the SNAPP software application to your Palm Computing platform handheld (Palm III(TM), Palm V(TM) and Palm VII(TM) series handhelds) or IBM WorkPad from:

2. Plug the docking cradle into the serial port on the server.

3. Plug the handheld into its docking cradle and configure the system to your network.

"IBM has redefined the concept of plug and play," said Jay Chavez, vice-president of Worldwide Internet Services for Ursus Telecom Corporation, a Sunrise, Florida-based Telephony/Internet/Application Service Provider. "We have several racks filled with RS/6000 B50 servers that help run our website, the, and SNAPP streamlines the process time previously associated with system installation and configuration. This is a perfect example of IBM making e-business easy for its partners."

"Customers are interested in server management solutions that are easy to use," said Laurie Wood, Manager, Global Alliances and Business Development for Palm, Inc. "Applications such as SNAPP help users administrate and manage their data warehouses, and extend the simplicity of the Palm Computing platform beyond the handheld computer to provide customers with valuable, time saving business solutions."

In addition to enabling the initial configuration of RS/6000 B50 servers, SNAPP also conducts system performance monitoring, Web Server management capability and system configuration reporting. The software includes password protection to ensure only authorized persons gain access to the monitoring and configuration abilities.

"We've literally put server configuration and system manageability into the hands of our customers," said Michael Kerr, vice-president of product management, IBM Web Server Unit. "ISP's and ASP's can now look forward not just to great performance from the RS/6000 B50, but also extraordinary simplicity in system installation and manageability. It's an unbeatable combination."

The RS/6000 B50 server is built expressly for the needs of Internet and application service providers that want to house data or programs on the Internet. Its low-cost, rack-mountable form factor is designed to meet the needs of these fast-growing Web-based businesses. At just 3.5-inches high, the B50 fits easily into an industry-standard rack and features a choice of operating systems including AIX and Linux, along with a variety of popular service provider applications such as Web hosting, firewall, caching and messaging.

The SNAPP application to manage the B50 server with a Palm Computing platform handheld or WorkPad can be downloaded from There is no cost for IBM customers. Handheld computers are not included. The SNAPP application requires Palm OS(R) 3.0 software or later.