IBM Launches Web-Ready Workgroup Printing Solution

IBM Infoprint 21 Improves Access to e-Documents

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- 19 Apr 2000: the Infoprint 21 also supports remote and Web-based printer management, providing flexibility and ease-of-use in complex networking environments. The Infoprint 21 is the first of a new generation of IBM workgroup and departmental printers to incorporate an IBM-powered controller, developed to support Web-ready architecture.

Web-ready print technology addresses today's e-business needs, allowing users to access, print and distribute electronic documents in one easy step. It brings together a host of productivity boosting capabilities, including direct Internet and local hard drive printing, support for the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), and printer management through a printer's internal Web page. It also provides e-mail and pager notification to communicate printer status.

Ready for e-Business
The Infoprint 21's Web-ready feature lets users submit URL addresses, via a standard browser, from the printer's internal Web page. This allows them to access and print documents quickly, without spending time downloading large files.

Its Internet and local printing capabilities allow the Infoprint 21 to automatically retrieve and print PDF, PostScript or PCL** files from a designated Web site or a local hard drive.

"The Web-ready Infoprint 21 helps users take advantage of the Internet to increase productivity, making it the ideal output solution for conducting e-business," said David Dobson, vice-president of marketing, IBM Printing Systems. "This driverless and application-free printing capability can improve communication across global enterprises of every type."

Worldwide Printer Access
Another Web-ready feature of the Infoprint 21 is the inclusion of IPP, an emerging printing standard that allows a user to print remotely, through the Internet, to any IPP enabled printer in the world. An attractive alternative to sending faxes or e-mails, IPP allows the electronic distribution of documents, such as newsletters and contracts, without long distance charges. This new print submission standard was developed by the Printer Working Group, in which IBM is a significant member. Print submission using IPP is a standard feature of Microsoft** Windows** 2000.

Web-Based Management
The Infoprint 21's multifaceted support helps increase user productivity and reduce administrative support costs. Using the printer's internal Web pages or IBM Network Printer Manager* (NPM) software, network administrators can easily set up, configure and manage their printers remotely. A network port monitor utility lets users check the status and position of print jobs in the queue. Network administrators and selected users can also receive e-mail and pager alerts automatically when printers are low on toner, out of paper or need attention. This real-time feedback helps ensure that printers are always on standby and ready for output.

Versatile in Multiple Environments
The Infoprint 21 utilizes an enhanced IBM controller and a powerful 100MHz IBM PowerPC* RISC* processor to help ensure high-quality, high-performance printing of complex documents in heterogeneous, networked environments. It comes with a standard memory of 32MB, expandable to 256MB, and an optional hard drive for print spooling, resource storage and a RePro feature for copier-like capabilities.

In addition to the standard bi-directional parallel attachment, users can choose, as an option, a 10/100 base T Ethernet, Token-Ring, Twinax (AS/400*), or Coax (S/390*) Network Interface Card (NIC).

As a special introductory offer, through September 30, 2000, IBM will offer 32MB of additional memory free of charge, increasing the standard 32MB to 64MB.

Features and Options
Network environments supported by the Infoprint 21 include Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT** 4.0; IBM OS/400* and OS/2*; Apple Macintosh OS**; IBM AIX*; Sun Solaris**; LINUX and other UNIX** environments. Standard printing languages supported are Adobe PostScript** 3; PCL 5e and PCL 6; and optional support for IBM's integrated AFP/IPDS*.

The Infoprint 21 offers robust paper handling capabilities, including special media support for labels and card stock. Paper handling options include duplex printing; one or two 550-sheet drawers; a 500-sheet offset jogging stacker; a 100-sheet face-up rear paper tray; and a 75-envelope tray.

Pricing, Availability and Warranty
The IBM Infoprint 21 will be generally available worldwide on April 28, 2000. The printer will be sold through a network of IBM resellers and remarketers. IBM will sell the printer directly from for $1,179. The Infoprint 21 has a standard one year warranty which includes next day, on-site support, five days a week and nine hours per day.