Network Solutions Chooses IBM for Heart of Internet

RS/6000 S80 to Host Internet's Top Level Domain Name System

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HERNDON, Va - 20 Apr 2000: -- Network Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSOL), the world's leading provider of internet locator services with more than 10 million names registered through its Registry business, today announced that it has selected IBM to provide the high performance servers that will power the Internet's most important service, the "A" root name server the master computer for all web addresses everywhere and the global constellation of authoritative name servers for .com, .net and .org.

"Internet users touch these computers everyday and they are not even aware of it," said Bruce Chovnick, SVP and General Manager of the NSI Registry. "When an Internet user types a web address into a browser, the browser goes to a local computer called a nameserver to determine where in cyberspace the web site is located. If the local nameserver cannot find the web site, the browser continues to ask other more knowledgeable nameservers until it finally reaches the "A" root name server, the heart of the Internet."

The A root name server includes all 240 country codes such as .uk for United Kingdom, .de for Germany, and .jp for Japan in addition to .com, .org and .net.

"While most web address typed into a browser find their destinations long before they reach the "A" root name server, with hundreds of millions of Internet users, the volume is still nearly half a billion DNS queries every day, and growing," said Chovnick. "It is very important to us to make sure the hardware we use for the "A" name server is very reliable, has a lot of horsepower, and can scale easily."

The IBM servers that power the "A" root name server are based on advanced copper microprocessor technology. This technology makes the servers faster and more reliable.

"Dot coms are increasingly betting their growth on IBM RS/6000 server with copper technology," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Server Unit. "Network Solution's choice of an S80, the most powerful single server ever built to act as the heart of the Internet, is indicative of that trend. RS/6000 UNIX servers from IBM offer the scalability, reliability and security that businesses need to succeed on the Web."

The "A" root name server has doubled transaction growth in the past quarter to over 5000 queries per second with peaks up to 8000 queries per second. Since its introduction in September of last year, the RS/6000 S80 has come to be recognized as the world's most powerful server - shattering benchmark records for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Web serving, Java performance, online transaction processing, file serving and Lotus Domino scalability. Utilizing innovative copper microprocessor technology, the 64-bit RS/6000 S80 offers unmatched performance and scalability for e-business, business intelligence, ERP and other mission-critical business applications.