docHarbor Selects IBM RS/6000 Servers for Web Document Management Service

Powerful S80s Support More Than 200,000 Concurrent Users

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SOMERS, N.Y - 21 Apr 2000: -- docHarbor(SM), a leading document application service provider and business unit of Anacomp, Inc., has selected ultra-powerful IBM RS/6000 S80 servers as the foundation of an innovative e-commerce service that provides corporate customers with Web access to their archived business documents. Two RS/6000 S80 servers will allow docHarbor to support more than 200,000 concurrent users -- the equivalent of the population of a city the size of Orlando, Florida.

docHarbor helps its customers leverage the power of the Internet to manage their business-critical documents, enabling them to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer service.

"docHarbor's customers need an easy and efficient way to access, deliver, and store the huge numbers of documents they generate without compromising security or control," said Ron Bertrand, vice president of marketing for docHarbor. "Our Web-based services provide a highly-scalable solution that enables our customers to offload their archival information onto our secure servers, while maintaining 24x7 access to their documents via standard Web browsers."

Billions of Documents

docHarbor's Web-based services host customers' documents on two RS/6000 S80 servers -- the industry's most powerful single server system. Each document is stored in its native form and is converted on the fly to the language of the Internet, HTML, or PDF, when a request is entered by an authorized corporate user over the Web. docHarbor will have the capacity to process and store hundreds of billions of documents, and the robust IBM RS/6000 based solution allows for additional capacity to be added quickly and seamlessly.

In choosing the RS/6000 servers, Bertrand cited its superior scalability and price performance compared with competing products.

"In order to meet the needs of our customers, we needed to build an infrastructure with the bandwidth to accommodate high-volume and high-concurrency use," said Bertrand. "The S80s' ability to serve 200,000 concurrent users and store billions of documents means that we are able to grow at the same rate as our customers. Its a winning combination."

docHarbor's offerings enable users to work more efficiently by permitting faster document retrieval than traditional storage media. docHarbor also augments its services with custom-built applications, allowing customers to integrate documents more effectively in business transactions, such as brokerage confirmations and electronic bill payment.

To complement the dual S80s, docHarbor will also deploy RS/6000 Model H70s and F50s for application development, testing, backup and other tasks.

"IBM is committed to helping companies like docHarbor embrace the world of e-commerce," said Rod Adkins, IBM general manager, Web servers. "With powerful RS/6000 servers, docHarbor can leverage the Internet to provide customers with real benefits."