IBM'S Shark Gives Tyson Foods Bigger "Byte" in Data Management

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SPRINGDALE, Ark - 24 Apr 2000: -- IBM today announced that Tyson Foods, the world's largest single producer of chicken products, has selected IBM's 'Shark' Enterprise Storage Server for its growing data management needs.

With 72 plants in 39 states nationwide, Tyson needed to ensure it had sufficient centralized storage space for the massive amounts of data being generated throughout the company. After considering both EMC and IBM products, Tyson found that it could get 1.2 TB of storage capacity from IBM at a better price and a better IT future.

Tyson replaced EMC's Symmetrix server with a Shark not only on the basis of IBM's superior price performance, but also on Tyson's growing IT plans to implement a storage area network (SAN) facilitating business management decisions by its 70,000 employees. Tyson's Shark is attached to an IBM RS/6000 running the AIX operating system.

"In addition to the substantial cost savings, part of the decision to make the switch to an IBM product was based on the excellent service support that Tyson had already been receiving from IBM," said Eric Godfrey, IT Manager, Tyson Foods.

Prior to installing Shark, Tyson was using IBM's 7133 Serial Disk System, a device that is part of the IBM Serial Storage Architecture (SSA), to house the company's financial data. That data generated by an SAP application includes general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, profitability analysis, and purchase orders. Tyson employees who interact very closely with the sales and marketing teams to forecast company profits and revenues are the most frequent users of this information. In fact, on a daily basis, an average of 600 Tyson employees utilize critical business information now available at the click of a mouse.

Additionally, on a weekly basis, between 100 and 200 employees from human resources need to access the payroll data that resides on SAP applications. By housing all of the data on Shark, Tyson's was able to allow users of both SAP systems to connect to that data simultaneously.

In addition to the performance and cost savings of Shark, Tyson's IT staff has improved its data management skills, due to consulting classes and training on Shark provided to them by IBM. In the past, when Tyson was using EMC's Symmetrix, employees did not have the entire skill-set needed to meet technology challenges. They called in a service professional from EMC to help them every time. Now, Tyson has increased its work productivity and employee knowledge and can handle those issues internally.

"Our objective when migrating from EMC to Shark was that the users, the employees, wouldn't know we changed our IT infrastructure," said Godfrey, "because that would mean there were problems. The Shark has performed so well that we haven't heard a peep."

The Shark Enterprise Storage Server is the groundbreaking storage solution from IBM, the world leader in storage systems, software, services and technology. Built on the foundation of IBM's Seascape1 Storage Enterprise Architecture, 'Shark' works with heterogeneous hosts and operating systems -- Windows NT, UNIX, S/390 and AS/400 -- and with a variety of interfaces, including Fibre Channel, Ultra SCSI and ESCON. 'Shark' incorporates such unique technology as Parallel Access Volumes (PAV) and Multiple Allegiance.

For more information on the Enterprise Storage Server and its performance advantages over competing products, visit

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1. Seascape is IBM's storage enterprise architecture, a blueprint for comprehensive storage solutions optimized for a connected world. The Seascape architecture outlines next-generation concepts for storage by integrating modular 'building block' technologies from IBM, including disk, tape and optical storage media, powerful processors, and rich software. Integrated Seascape solutions are highly reliable, scalable and versatile, and support specialized applications on servers ranging from PCs to supercomputers.

2. IBM 'unique technology' such as Parallel Access Volumes (PAV) and Multiple Allegiance, are currently unavailable in competing systems from EMC, Hitachi Data and Compaq.

3. IBM and Enterprise Storage Server are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.

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