IBM Announces New NetVista Computers

New NetVista Line Simplifies Computing Experience, Extends Classic ThinkPad Design to the Desktop

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 08 May 2000: -- Customers today can begin placing orders for IBM's new NetVista™ all-in-one and legacy-free computers, two new devices designed to simplify the computing experience.

Customers can buy the new Netvista computers through or 888-SHOP-IBM. The website includes promotions and paths that simplify the ordering experience for different types of customers.

Nearly every characteristic of these two NetVista computers is conceived to simplify. Fewer cables and smaller sizes make them easier to carry and set up; new drives, keyboards and "Access IBM" buttons make them easier to use; and new networking and security features make them easier to do e-business.

"IBM has led the way in industrial design and ergonomics, and we're leveraging that expertise even further with our new line of NetVista desktop computers," says Harry Nicol, general manager, IBM desktop systems. "Our customers need computers that take up less space and look more professional. These computers feature some of the most advanced technologies on the market, but that wasn't the hardest part. Making them easier to use was the real challenge."

The new products are being supported by a $100 million advertising and marketing campaign by IBM's Personal Systems Group. Advertisements will begin appearing later this week in national major daily newspapers, supported by web sites and outdoor advertising.

Beyond exciting new form factors, the new NetVista PCs enable users to easily transfer data between computers with the optional new IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000.* This option allows people to reduce the number of hard drives or CD-RW drives they need by offering a single, swappable drive that works in both ThinkPad notebook computers and NetVista desktop computers.

And features such as the embedded Security Chip, available on select models of the legacy-free NetVista S40, provide 256-bit encryption for extremely secure network and Internet transactions.

"Businesses and individuals are looking at four key criteria as they select desktop computers," says industry analyst Sam Albert, president of Sam Albert Associates. "Innovative design, manageability, service and support, and price. IBM took these criteria seriously when they created the NetVista line."

Just as IBM ThinkPad® notebook computers defined the standard in portable computer design, these new models extend those standards for ergonomics and ease-of-use to the NetVista desktop family. To create them, IBM turned to its Personal Systems industrial design team and to design consultant Richard Sapper. His original design for the IBM ThinkPad notebook computer is one of 15 Sapper designs in New York's Museum of Modern Art.

IBM's design approach views the computer as a business tool. "We think that the computer should work properly and shouldn't invade your life," Sapper says. "That's a reason for our products to be calm. At the same time our design has an element of surprise and detail, so that you might find something new to discover even if you've had it for months. This is the way we create discreet interest. We don't think the computer should be shouting 'here I am.'"

The All-in-One IBM NetVista X40

The IBM NetVista X40 is 75 percent smaller than the typical home or office minitower PC with 17-inch monitor -- about 16 inches by 16 inches by 10 inches. It offers the performance of a desktop computer in a portable footprint with unique, space-saving features. The CD/DVD-ROM and floppy drive fold neatly away underneath the monitor, and a unique neck design allows the rapid access keyboard to free up desk space by sliding underneath the foldaway drives. The NetVista X40 features a bright, 15" flat panel monitor and built-in speakers. An "Access IBM" button provides easy access to IBM information, service and support. And an optional radial arm** saves even more desk space by allowing the system to be mounted to a wall or clamped to the edge of a desk.

The NetVista X40 is fully expandable with two low-profile PCI slots and seven USB ports that enable easy connection to printers, modems and other plug and play devices. It also features wireless networking options for home and business, eliminating awkward cables and wires.

"We applaud IBM for pushing the envelope and designing the NetVista all-in-one and legacy-free PCs," says Pat Gelsinger, vice president, Desktop Products Group, Intel™ Corp. "We're pleased that Intel's Anypoint™ networking product is used in the NetVista line to provide a wireless network that is easy to set up and use."

The NetVista X40 features Intel™ Celeron™ 533 MHz and 566 MHz (1) or Intel Pentium III 600 MHz and 667 MHz processors, with 64 MB or 128 MB of SDRAM standard (up to a maximum of 512 MB). It comes with integrated 10/100 Ethernet, making networking configurations easier. The NetVista X40i includes a 10 GB (2) or 20 GB (2) hard disk, 24X-10X (3) CD-ROM drive or 6X (3) max DVD-ROM,
and integrated AGP graphics. Preloaded software (4) includes Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition; Lotus SmartSuite and Lotus Notes Client 5.0 licenses (5); and numerous anti-virus, configuration and diagnostics applications.

The Legacy-Free IBM NetVista S40

The IBM NetVista S40 delivers the functionality of a conventional PC with the simplicity, reliability, security and high manageability of a thin client. It features a dual-orientation, space-saving design, integrated Intel 10/100 Ethernet capability that simplifies network connections, and the Access IBM feature that provides machine-specific information with one touch.

The NetVista S40 is expandable with two low-profile PCI slots, three bays, and five USB ports. Its optional NetVista S Cradle also enables integrated docking of an IBM WorkPad PC companion and other equivalent palm-sized organizers. Some models include IBM's embedded Security Chip, which simplifies a user's need for stronger security in a networked world.

The NetVista S40 features Intel Celeron 566 MHz, Pentium III 667 MHz or 733 MHz processors, with 64 or 128 MB of SDRAM standard (up to a maximum of 512 MB of SDRAM). It includes a 10 GB or 20 GB hard disk. The NetVista S40p features the Intel Pentium III 866 MHz processor, 128 MB of SDRAM standard (up to a maximum of 512 MB of SDRAM) and a 20 GB hard disk
Preloaded software (4) includes Microsoft Windows 2000; Lotus SmartSuite and Lotus Notes Client 5.0 licenses (5); and anti-virus, configuration and diagnostics applications. In addition, the System Installation Toolkit simplifies migrations between desktops and adds remote manageability functions that help lower Total Cost of Ownership for the enterprise.

Both new NetVista computers deliver on an IBM "Edge of Network" business strategy to simplify computing for businesses and individuals, making it easier for them to do e-business on networks and the Internet.

Pricing and Availability

IBM NetVista computers are available through or by calling 888-SHOP-IBM. The all-in-one NetVista X40 starts at $1,799 (6) and will be available in late May. The legacy-free NetVista S40 starts at $699 (6) and will be available in late June. For more information, see

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* IBM price $239, does not include tax or shipping and is subject to change without notice.

** IBM price $169, does not include tax or shipping and is subject to change without notice.

1. MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Other factors also affect application performance.

2. GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Accessible capacity may be less depending on operating environments.

3. Variable read rate. Actual playback speed will vary and is often less than the maximum possible.

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