New IBM UNIX Server Sets Web and e-business Speed Records

RS/6000 M80 Server Uses Copper Chips to Smash Java, Web and File-Serving Marks

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Benchmarks - 11 May 2000: * Messages/second @ 9000 connectionsSPECWeb99** Simultaneous connectionsSPECsfs97 .v2**
Operations/secondIBM RS/6000 M8011,9603,21627,097Competitors4,847 (Sun E6500)1,800 (Compaq)18,431 (Sun E4500)
World's Fastest 8-way Web-Server
The M80 scorched competitors on the SPECWeb99 benchmark to become the world's fastest 8-way Web server. An 8-way RS/6000 M80 running Zeus Web server software supported 3216 simultaneous connections, 78 percent better than the 1800 connections handled by the nearest competitor, an AlphaServer ES40 from Compaq Computer Corp.

Designed to predict real-world Web server performance, SPECWeb99 simulates a server that supports multiple Web home pages with rotating advertisements, customized page creation, user registration and other dynamic operations.

World's Best Java Machine
In independent Java performance and scalability testing, an 8-way RS/6000 M80 set new world records, attaining two-and-a-half times the performance of the previous record holder, a 22-way E6500 server from Sun Microsystems.

On the VolanoMark(TM) network scalability test, an 8-way RS/6000 M80 with 4GB of memory running Java 2 version 1.2.2 and AIX 4.3.3 trounced a 22-way Sun E6500 with 30GB of memory. With 9,000 connections, the M80 transferred 11,960 messages per second, 147 percent faster than the Sun E6500's 4,847 messages per second. The M80 further extended its dominance in the Java space by becoming the only system to successfully test 11,000 connections on VolanoMark, transferring 7,175 messages per second.

In VolanoMark 2.1.2 local performance testing with 200 connections, an 8-way RS/6000 M80 transferred 46,370 messages per second, an 84 percent increase over the 25,131 connections posted by a Sun E6500 server configured with 22 processors.

VolanoMark, a 100 percent pure Java server benchmark, has become increasingly important as e-business customers rapidly deploy Java environments as a key component of their server applications. The VolanoMark network scalability test measures how many client computers a server can support, while the local performance test determines how fast a Java Virtual Machine runs on a particular server.

File Serving Leadership
Demonstrating its power in a networked office environment, the M80 outperformed a more expensive Sun E4500 server to become the world's most powerful 8-way general purpose system for file-serving. In the SPECsfs97.v2 benchmark, which measures file server throughput and response time, the 8-way M80 processed 27,097 operations per second, 47 percent better than the 18,431 operations per second achieved by an 8-way Sun E4500. The M80 also handily defeated the 12-way E4500, which processed 23,815 operations per second.

M80 - Explosive Power for the Midrange
Offered in a convenient rack-mountable drawer, the M80 meets the rigorous demands of enterprise applications, such as ERP, business intelligence and customer relationship management, which are rapidly evolving to the Web.

The server is powered by two to eight 500 MHz RS64 III microprocessors, and can accommodate up to 32GB ECC SDRAM memory and 56 hot-plug PCI slots. It offers mainframe-class reliability, availability and serviceability features implemented for the first time in a midrange UNIX machine. These features include:

- Hot-plug PCI for uninterrupted growth;
- Redundant Hot-plug fans and power to improve availability;
- Hot-swappable disk drives to help manage unexpected growth;
- Dynamic CPU Deallocation to isolate potential processor problems and keep applications running;
- Service processor to monitor vital signs and keep system running.

Copper-Enhanced Performance
The M80's performance is fueled by RS64 III microprocessors containing copper wire. Pioneered by IBM researchers, copper microprocessor technology adds immense value. Smaller, denser, faster and cooler than their aluminum counterparts, copper chips are also more reliable and less expensive to manufacture. With today's announcement of the new midrange M80, H80 and F80 models, IBM's RS/6000 server line becomes the first in the industry to be completely powered by copper chips.