IBM Banks On Copper in Assault On Web Server Market

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M80 - 11 May 2000: are bolstered by mainframe-class reliability and serviceability features.

All three new RS/6000 servers outperform competing systems from Sun Microsystems at a lower entry list price, according to just-released Web and e-business performance test results, making them ideally-suited for fast growing service providers and Web startups.

"We've proven the value of copper chip technology with the overwhelming success of the RS/6000 S80 at the high end of the Web server market," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Server Unit. "Now we've copper-fortified our entire RS/6000 server line -- top to bottom -- and are targeting the midrange, the heart of the Web server market."

Pioneered by IBM researchers, copper microprocessor technology adds immense value. Smaller, denser, faster and cooler than their aluminum counterparts, copper chips are also more reliable and less expensive to manufacture. With today's announcement, IBM's RS/6000 server line becomes the first in the industry to be completely powered by copper.

Unprecedented Power for the Midrange

Available in flexible rack and stack or deskside configurations, the new RS/6000 midrange lineup offers immense power and scalability for both dot-coms and traditional corporate data centers. The M80, H80 and F80 run AIX, IBM's award-winning UNIX operating system and are ideal for a wide-range of mission-critical applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), web servers, business intelligence, customer relationship and supply chain planning.

RS/6000 M80 - An ultra-powerful rack-mountable Web dynamo, the copper-ignited M80 is the world's fastest 8-way Web server. It shatters speed records for Web performance, Java performance and e-business file serving, outperforming more expensive Sun E4500 and E6500 servers. See chart below.

"We've chosen IBM M80's over competing systems from Sun Microsystems and others to act as the mission-critical heart of the Internet," said Bruce Chovnick, general manager of Network Solutions Registry Unit, the global registry for .com, .net and .org. "It is amazing that IBM could package so many key ingredients into one box. The M80 meets the demands of today's most intense Web-based computing environments."

RS/6000 H80 - The successor to IBM's popular H70 midrange server, the rack-mounted H80 is the world's fastest 6-way Web server. The H80 also excels at e-business number crunching. A 6-way H80 is thirty-five percent faster than a more expensive 6-way Sun E3500 server. See chart below.

"IBM has clearly established strong momentum with the S80, the flagship of its server line. Not only does the S80 own the top performance spots, it has enjoyed great customer acceptance," said Jonathon Eunice, senior analyst with the Illuminata Group. "The new M, H and F 80-class servers are all about driving the S80's performance wins, dense packaging and high availability features throughout the RS/6000 line."

RS/6000 F80 - A compact, deskside server, the F80 is the most powerful 6-way UNIX server for e-business transaction processing. It is ideal for doing business on the Web, running a medium-sized company and acting as a workgroup or branch server for larger organizations. In head to head comparisons, the F80 outperforms the Sun E450 at a lower entry price. See chart below.

"IBM's new RS/6000 servers are optimized for the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform, which manages all buying, selling and marketplace transactions via the Internet," said Andy Moss, strategic alliance manager for Ariba. "The transaction processing power and scalability of IBM's RS/6000 servers will enable increased efficiency and performance for Ariba B2B eCommerce solutions and time and cost savings for Ariba customers, including IBM."

In addition to Ariba, other leading software developers, including i2, Hyperion, Lawson, DB2 and WebSphere are announcing support today for the new RS/6000 midrange line.


Web Serving
M80 is world's fastest 8-way Web server at 3,216 pages/second.
H80 is world's fastest 6-way Web server at 2,200 pages/second
Did not participate in testing.
Transaction Processing
F80 is the fastest 6-way UNIX server
66% Faster than Sun E450
For TPC results:
F80 outperforms Sun midrange E450 server.
Integer Performance
6-way H80 tops 6-way and 8-way Sun E3500 in integer processing performance with a score of 1298
35% better than 6-way Sun E3500
8-way E3500 integer processing score - 1272
6-way E3500 integer processing score - 955
File Serving
8-way M80 tops 12-way E4500 in file serving with score of 27,097
47% better than 8-way Sun E4500
14% better than a 12-way Sun E4500
12-way E4500 - 23,815

8-way E4500 - 18,341
Java Performance
M80 is world's fastest 8-way Java Virtual Machine with 46,370 messages/second at 200 connections
85% better than a 22-way Sun E6500

M80 is world's fastest network Java server
2.4X more powerful than a 22-way Sun E6500 at 9000 connections with 11,960 msg/sec.
22-way E6500
25,131 messages/second at 200 connections.

22-way E6500
4,847 msg/sec at 9000 connections.

For SPECweb99, SPECint_rate95 results, SPECsfs97.v2 results: For TPC results: For VolanoMark results:

High-Availability Options for e-business

All three of the RS/6000 servers introduced today are also available in a clustered version for customers requiring the industry's best high-availability (HA) UNIX solution. The new HA-M80, HA-H80 and HA-F80 combine industry-leading hardware and software technology to provide near continuous availability of business-critical applications at an affordable price. The HA solution from IBM includes options for pre-tested applications, high availability services from IBM Global Services and IBM Business Partners, and special solution financing from IBM Global Financing.

Mainframe Class-Features Come to the Midrange

The new RS/6000 midrange line also includes reliability, availability and serviceability mainframe-class features implemented for the first time in midrange UNIX machines. They include:

- Dynamic CPU deallocation isolates potential processor problems and keeps applications running;
- Hot Plug PCI for uninterrupted growth; - Redundant Hot Plug Fans and power to improve availability;
- Hot-swappable hard disks help manage unexpected growth;
- Service processor monitors vital signs to keep system running.

IBM is the number one server vendor in the world, according to International Data Corp.. For more information, visit

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