IBM Debuts First Servers Powered by Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

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Extends AS/400 Applications to Pervasive Devices</span></strong></p><p><span>The new AS/400e servers support eXtensibl - 22 May 2000: Java enhancements that deliver up to 65 percent improvements in Java performance.
- Integrated Netfinity Server, featuring a 700 MHz Intel Pentium III, that plugs into AS/400 , allowing customers to combine AS/400 applications with Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server applications on a single server.
- AS/400e series Model 250 entry server packaged and priced to meet the requirements of a small business. It includes popular packaged software and is designed for a wide range of industry-specific AS/400 solutions. It offers expandability and robust availability features such as disk storage protection with RAID 5.

IBM Global Financing is offering deferred payments until November 1, 2000 for qualified customers in North America who order an AS/400 9406 Model 170 or Model 720, 730, or 740 system or upgrade by June 30, 2000, with installation by July 31, 2000.

In addition to powering the AS/400, SOI chip technology will boost the performance of RS/6000 servers later this year. SOI will also serve as a building block for the IBM Power4 processor, which is intended for use in future generations of both AS/400 and RS/6000 servers.

Transistors and wires are the fundamental elements in all chips. In 1998, less than a year after announcing it had improved chip wiring by substituting more efficient copper for aluminum, IBM shipped the industry's first copper-based chips. That same year, IBM introduced a process for building more efficient microchip transistors using SOI. Like its rapid adoption of copper, the integration of SOI into mainstream production just over 18 months after its introduction is evidence of the company's speed in moving new technologies from IBM Research labs into products.

Both AS/400e 800 series servers and OS/400 V4R5 are scheduled for general availability in August 2000.

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