IBM Delivers World's Most Powerful and Affordable Intel-Based Servers

Leading Intel Scalability with 2-way Netfinity and 64-way NUMA-Q Systems

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SOMERS, N.Y - 24 May 2000: -- IBM today introduced the world's most powerful Intel-based server, the 64-processor NUMA-Q E410, along with the industry's most affordable technology-leading two-way server, the Netfinity(R) 3500 M20. These products represent the high-end and the low-end of the industry's most scalable Intel-based server line for e-businesses running Windows(R) 2000 and Linux environments.

Powered by Intel's new 700 MHz Pentium(R) III Xeon processors, the NUMA-Q E410 has shattered the industry's foremost data warehousing performance benchmark doubling the result of Hewlett Packard's top-of-the-line V-series server at nearly half the cost. TPC-H results may be viewed at:

With the Netfinity 3500 M20, IBM is offering leading technology for the budget conscious customer. The 3500 M20 is a two-way SMP server supporting Pentium III 800 MHz processors and up to 2GB of memory. This new server is attractively priced for small to medium businesses.

"IBM is enabling customers to build intelligent infrastructures on their own terms with UNIX, Linux or Windows 2000 application environments," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Servers. "Our NUMACenter framework allows customers to seamlessly manage IBM's entire line of Intel-based servers with upward integration into higher level management infrastructures."

"IBM offers the industry's most scalable line-up of Intel-based servers for e-business operations," said Jim Gargan, director of strategy and product marketing, IBM Netfinity. "Only IBM delivers this breadth of capability to customers helping to simplify their IT environment and procurement issues."

"Many of the world's largest companies depend on Young America Corporation for successful consumer interaction including mailings and promotions. IBM NUMA-Q systems support our 900 seat call center and fulfillment business," said Mary Lynn Perushek, CIO, Young America Corporation. "This year our NUMA-Q system will grow to support three generations of Intel processors, allowing us to leverage our past purchases while gaining the considerable performance boost of the E410. No other server vendor has been able to offer us this kind of investment protection."

Key Features of the NUMA-Q E410

-- High Performance and Scalability: NUMA-Q systems scale from 4 to 64 processors and 64 GB memory in a single system, far exceeding any other Intel-based system on the market. NUMA-Q near linear scalability is enabled by its unique four-processor "quad" building block architecture, which allows customers to add balanced I/O and memory as they add processors.

-- High Availability: NUMA-Q's "mainframe style" multi-path I/O and switched fabric fibre channel SAN (Storage Area Network) capabilities provide a platform with no single point of subsystem failure. Further enhancing availability is connectivity with IBM Enterprise Storage Server featuring multi-port capability, which maximizes I/O by evenly distributing it over all available interface ports for maximum bandwidth. IBM backs NUMA-Q's outstanding availability with the option of aggressive, customer-specific service level agreements. Working closely with IBM, customers have achieved sustained availability ratings of 99.999%.

-- Investment Protection: The NUMA-Q architecture allows customers to fully leverage their IT investments while taking advantage of the latest technology. NUMA-Q E410 quads are compatible with all existing NUMA-Q servers which support multiple generations of Intel processors in a single system.

-- NUMACenter: NUMACenter is a pre-integrated environment combining Netfinity application and web servers running Windows 2000 or Linux and a NUMA-Q database server with a consolidated SAN and systems management including Tivoli software and the Advanced Detection Availability Manager (ADAM). NUMACenter is ideal for rapid deployment and growth of enterprise applications and is widely used by application service providers and e-businesses requiring a highly scalable and flexible compute environment.

NUMA-Q E410 began shipping on May 22 with an entry price of $69,000.

Key Features of Netfinity 3500 M20

The Netfinity 3500 M20 is ideal for small and medium businesses with budget concerns, yet still require cutting edge technology. In addition to the new 800 MHz Pentium III processors featuring a 133MHz Front Side Bus processor architecture, the Netfinity 3500 M20 delivers high speed I/O with the Ultra 160 SCSI interface and 64 bit PCI. This improves performance for applications like web serving, database, e-mail and messaging. These features come standard starting at a price of $1,830.

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