IBM Launches Low-Priced Workstations for Complex Digital Design

New Features Enable Engineers, Architects to Manipulate Images Faster

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 06 Jun 2000: -- IBM(R) today announced new, affordable NT(R) computer workstations for tackling complex digital design projects by CAD/CAE (computer-aided design/computer-aided engineering) users. These workstations help engineers and architects design everything from jet fighter engines to skyscrapers more quickly since 3D-computer images can be manipulated with greater speed and accuracy. IBM's new IntelliStation(R) M Pro and Z Pro workstations are pre-configured with extreme-3D graphics and offer the industry's top combination of memory, graphics, disk drive and processor performance.

In addition, the company announced several new, more powerful models of its IntelliStation E Pro, M Pro and Z Pro workstations, equipped with Intel(R) Pentium(R) III and Pentium III Xeon(TM) processors at speeds up to 933MHz(1), and a new extreme-3D graphics solution delivering top performance.

New IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro for CAD/CAE Deliver Industry's Top Price/Performance

The IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro workstations for CAD/CAE, among the fastest workstations available, have been certified or compatibility tested with more than 200 applications from more than 60 leading engineering and CAD application providers including SolidWorks(R), CATIA(R), Pro/ENGINEER(R), and AutoCad(R)(2). The solution is qualified to meet the CAD designer's need for fluid response, reliability and remote configurability over the network.

IBM's fastest IntelliStation M Pro to date is tailored specifically for CAD users -- engineers, architects, product designers -- giving designers an ultra-responsive 2D and OpenGL 3D graphics system that combines speed with reliability. IBM complements the graphics subsystem with the ELSA GLoria II(R) graphics adapter supported by 4X AGP, dual-channel memory bus with high-speed Rambus memory and a 9.1GB(3), 10,000rpm SCSI disk drive. The new IntelliStation M Pro 6868-66 for CAD is configured with the advanced Intel Pentium III processor at 933MHz, 512MB or ECC protected Rambus memory and a 9.1GB, 10,000rpm Ultra2 SCSI hard disk drive. Prices for this model begin at $4,778(4).

IBM's most robust IntelliStation Z Pro workstation provides engineers with scalablitiy and performance needed to tackle 3D design models or manipulate large sets of data. This new IntelliStation can be equipped with up to 4GB of memory, 64 bit 66MHz PCI bus, and the Intense 3D Wildcat 4210 graphics, so projects can be completed quickly. When fitted with an optional rack mount kit, the IntelliStation Z Pro minitower fits into industry standard racks, and the units can be used remotely. Prices begin at $4,523(4).

"Results from recent benchmark testing demonstrates the excellent application performance that the IntelliStation with the ELSA Gloria II graphics card can deliver to our customers," says Antony Hervo, Hardware Partner manager for SolidWorks Corporation. "Combining the power and ease of use of SolidWorks 2000 and the speed of IBM's IntelliStation will help engineers and designers bring better quality products to market faster."

Later this year, IBM plans to offer engineers the next level of performance by delivering an Intel Itanium(TM)-based solution(5). Based on new technologies and performance enhancements, the Itanium 64-bit processor is designed to provide customers with advanced visual computing workstation technologies. IBM plans to announce its new IntelliStation workstations concurrent with Intel's announcement of Itanium processor availability, with the quality and performance that have come to be associated with the IntelliStation family of products.

IntelliStation's price/performance remains unrivaled: the IntelliStation E Pro 866MHz with ELSA GLoria II came in at $93 per ProCDRS composite, a full $9, $13 and $18 per ProCDRS composite cheaper than similarly configured workstations from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq, respectively(6).

Options by IBM
To complement the IntelliStation Z Pro, M Pro and E Pro systems announced today, IBM is offering several new Options including:

-- 36.4GB Ultra160 SCSI HDD at either 7,200 or 10,000rpm
-- new, higher performing 7200 rpm EIDE drives in capacities up to 30GB
-- 8/4/32X CD-RW, 8/40X DVD-ROM(7)
-- HiFD and Zip250 drives

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1. MHz only measures microprocessor's internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.

2. IBM makes no representations or warrantees regarding non-IBM products.

3. When referring to hard drive capacity, GB stands for one thousand million bytes. Total user-accessible capacity may be less. Maximum internal hard disk drive capacities assume the replacement of any standard hard disk drives and the population of all hard disk drive bays with the largest currently supported drives available from IBM.

4. IBM list price; does not include tax or shipping and is subject to change without notice. Reseller prices may vary. Other M Pro 933MHz models start at $3,478.

5. Availability subject to change.

6. Pro CDRS results as 5/26/00. For a complete listing of the system configurations, see Performance results referenced in this document are of the IntelliStation E Pro compared to the Dell Precision Workstation 420: 866MHz, Pentium III with ELSA GLoria II Pro, HP Kayak XU 800: 866MHz, Pentium III with ELSA GLoria II, and Compaq AP250: 866MHz, Pentium III with ELSA GLoria II (HC) using the SPECviewperf 6.1.1 benchmark current as of May 26, 2000. The configuration of the workstation under test as well as the test environment may vary. Complete SPECviewperf results are available at

7. Actual playback speeds will vary and is often less than the maximum possible.

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