Omni Hotels Use IBM Surfaid Analytics Service to Enhance Internet Marketing Efforts

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Dallas, Texas - 20 Jun 2000: -- Omni Hotels has joined the growing number of companies that are using IBM SurfAid Analytics Service to analyze and enhance Internet marketing efforts and Web site usability.

IBM SurfAid Analytics is a Business Intelligence application for Web sites. It enables companies to track how visitors are interacting with their sites' content and, through advanced data mining techniques, identifies visitor attributes that directly relate to customer retention, navigation patterns and buying habits. Accurate analysis of SurfAid information allows Web site managers to increase site effectiveness, target desired audiences, improve marketing initiatives and build the foundation for data-driven strategic business decisions.

"SurfAid has taken much of the guess work out of marketing and selling via the Web. We've come to rely on it as a form of 'cyber quality control' to help us fine-tune many of our online marketing efforts," said Kristine Serafin, corporate director of PR & advertising for Omni Hotels. "By tracking visitor movement through the site, and analyzing the ratio of lookers to bookers we can make necessary adjustments to the navigational design to enhance the user's experience, and increase bookings."

Over the past year Omni Hotels ( has been using SurfAid with great results to:

- monitor movement around the site
- track where people were leaving the site or where they were having navigation problems and therefore make necessary changes to the Web site layout and design
- monitor the 'look to book' ratio
- evaluate the success of advertising promotions / banner ads
- assess new site features such as 'Weather Watch" and "Hotel of the Week"

Omni Hotels offer luxury accommodations at more than 40 hotels and resorts located through out the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Exceptional four-diamond hospitality, exquisite decor and the exciting setting of each Omni Hotels property await guests at each destination. The properties also offer a variety of services ranging from wine tastings, gourmet dining, and contemporary fitness facilities to golf, tours of local attractions and children's activities. For more information, Omni Hotels can be reached at 1-800 THE-OMNI or

IBM's Travel and Transportation Industry group and its Business Partners provide products, services and integrated solutions to all areas of the travel-related services industry, including hotels, gaming, cruise lines, travel agents and tour operators. More information on SurfAid can be found at

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