IBM Extends Lead in Emerging $14 Billion Portal Market

Expands Commitment to e-business Portal Leadership

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SAN JOSE, Calif - 21 Jun 2000: -- IBM today extended its lead in redefining the management market and introduced the IBM Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) Version 7, the most advanced portal solution in the industry. Now customers can access and organize relevant business information whatever the format, wherever it resides and slash development time nearly in half.

Analysts at Summit Strategies estimate that the portal market will skyrocket to as high as $14 billion by 2003. To capitalize on this opportunity and continue its lead, this year alone IBM is adding more than 1500 development, marketing, sales, and services professionals and is investing over $100 million in marketing programs to help customers and partners deploy successful enterprise portal solutions.

With more than 85% of today's business information contained in sources other than traditional databases, the IBM EIP is a key element of IBM's comprehensive e-business portal strategy designed to help customers leverage information. IBM EIP is a powerful infrastructure that integrates information from the broadest range of sources, including the Internet, multimedia content, and both IBM and non-IBM data sources, and makes this information relevant for business users. No other vendor in the industry combines these capabilities into one package.

IBM EIP also includes a first-to-market Unified Content Application Programming Interface (API) that enables developers to quickly deploy portal applications, with a write once programming interface. For example, a typical coding effort with access to five data sources can be completed in one-fifth the time it would take to interface each repository individually. A growing community of business partners are benefiting from this capability.

Additional features of the IBM Enterprise Information Portal include:

- Innovative federated search and access across the widest variety of e-business applications: now customers can integrate information from their transactional database systems, business intelligence analysis, data warehousing and content management solutions. No other vendor in the industry provides these capabilities in one product.

- An unmatched combination of business information sources: including IBM and non-IBM relational databases, Internet and intranet sites, file systems, Lotus Domino databases, multimedia content, as well as the DB2 Information Catalog, which includes business intelligence metadata, based on the Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange (CWMI) standard.

- The unique ability to organize and categorize business information: IBM EIP's Unified Content API includes robust services to enable customers to classify and categorize documents based on their content. For example, users can scan e-mail and automatically place it into pre-defined categories based on the content of the messages.

- IBM EIP also includes a summarization service that produces a simplified view of information, based on the content of documents in a search result.

"The new release of IBM's EIP portal middleware will add important new capabilities to the functionality available to portal implementers," said Hadley Reynolds, Delphi Group Research Director. "The integration of unstructured and structured information sources is a huge challenge for virtually all business portals, and adding "in the box" APIs for structured data sources, richer unstructured content facilities, and full development platform and web application support streamlines an already rich platform offering."

Heritage Mutual Insurance, a $300 million property and casualty insurance company based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is currently testing the IBM Enterprise Information Portal to access information repositories via the Internet. The company plans to develop a corporate portal, based on IBM EIP, which will enable agents and remote users to conduct secured inquiries for data, including documents, photos and voice.

"The IBM Enterprise Information Portal will allow our remote users and insurance agents to quickly access documents, photos and voice files, giving them a full picture of policy coverage and claims history instantaneously," said James P. Glavan, director of Information Systems, Heritage. " This new capability will set Heritage apart from other insurance companies, allowing us to provide superior customer service."

"IBM is listening to our customer's needs and providing them with solutions that enable them to compete more effectively," said Janet Perna, general manager, IBM Data Management Solutions. "Businesses need to leverage all types of information in a relevant context. With the new capabilities of the IBM Enterprise Information Portal, we're building an industry standard for portal application development, focused on information access and integration."

Technology Advancements

The IBM EIP simplifies one of the most challenging parts of developing portal applications - access and integration of information from a wide variety of sources. By leveraging Garlic technology from IBM Research, IBM EIP provides optimized search capabilities that deliver only relevant information in a usable context. This provides increased productivity and enhanced customer service capabilities.

The IBM EIP Unified Content API, for portal application developers, supports all popular web development interfaces, including Java, visual and non-visual Java Beans, C++ and ActiveX. It enables developers to integrate IBM EIP within their application development environment, instead of developing separate calls to each different information source.

Business Partner Momentum

IBM continues to collaborate with industry leading business partners to enable their solutions to leverage the Enterprise Information Portal. Today there are more than 20 business partners, including Brio Technology, Epicentric, Plumtree and Viador, delivering IBM EIP-enabled offerings.

New partners such as Business Objects, Cognos, Corechange, Inc., Visual Mining, Inc. and Verity, Inc. are providing value-added applications and services.

The IBM Enterprise Information Portal support for business partners is based on PartnerWorld, a marketing and enablement program designed to create new revenue and market opportunities for IBM?s business partners and provide customers with e-business solutions including products, services, technologies and financing.

More information on IBM business partners supporting the IBM Enterprise Information Portal can be found at

Product Availability and Global Services

IBM Global Services today introduced a new Community Knowledge Portal based on the IBM EIP. The new solution helps businesses build and connect communities of people and targets information at individuals and groups.

IBM Enterprise Information Portal V7 will be generally available worldwide in August, with National Language Support in September. Pricing information will be provided upon product general availability.

Additionally, the IBM EIP, based on DB2 Universal Database, includes limited use editions of Websphere Application Server and MQSeries Workflow, entitling customers to leverage these award winning products in support of robust, scalable, multi-platform portal implementations.

DB2 Universal Database

The IBM Enterprise Information Portal is based on DB2 Universal Database, the industry's first multimedia, Web-ready relational database management system, strong enough to meet the demands of large corporations and flexible enough to serve medium-sized and small e-businesses. DB2 Universal Database combines integrated power for business intelligence, content management, enterprise information portals and e-business with industry-leading performance and reliability to drive the most demanding industry solutions. DB2 Universal Database together with Internet technology makes information easily accessible, available and secure. There are more than 40 million DB2 users from over 300,000 companies worldwide relying on IBM data management solutions. For more information please visit Additional information on the IBM Enterprise Information Portal can be found at

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