IBM AS/400e Continues to Set Java Server Performance Records

AS/400e Server 840 is Two Times Faster than HP, Four Times Faster than Compaq on SPECjbb2000 Java Data Transaction Workload

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Somers, N.Y - 26 Jun 2000: -- For the second time in a month, IBM AS/400eÔ servers powered by IBM's silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and copper wiring technologies have set a record in JavaÔ server performance. IBM announced today that AS/400e earned the top three spots in the SPECjbb2000 Java server benchmark, beating Hewlett-Packard's best results by a factor of two and Compaq's best results by a factor of four.

IBM's AS/400e Model 840 server is the first to exceed 80,000 operations per second with the industry-standard SPECjbb2000 benchmark. AS/400e achieved a SPECjbb2000 score of 80,348 operations per second on its Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.2.2 (J2SE 1.2.2) and 79,250 operations per second on its Java Developer Kit v 1.1.8 (JDK 1.1.8) products.

IBM reported results on AS/400e servers ranging from two to 24 processors, demonstrating a highly scalable performance range (scores of 7,500 to 80,348) for its entry and mid-market server offerings. The performance, robustness and scalability of AS/400e make it an ideal data transaction server for customers implementing Java-based middleware solutions.

"Our SPECjbb2000 results demonstrate that we are leveraging AS/400's 64-bit architecture, as well as IBM's copper and silicon-on-insulator processor technologies," said Tom Jarosh, general manager, Mid-Market Servers, IBM Corp. "Our leadership in both the VolanoMarkÔ and the SPECjbb2000 benchmarks offers two clear proof points that AS/400e provides customers major scalability and performance advantages over Compaq, HP and Sun servers."

SPECjbb2000 (Java Business Benchmark) is the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.'s first benchmark for evaluating server-side Java performance. It models a three-tier system, the most common type of server-side Java application. SPECjbb2000 focuses on business logic and object manipulation and the work of a middle-tier Java server workload. The workload benchmarked is a typical business-critical workload, including order-entry, inquiry and payment processing.

Earlier this month, IBM announced AS/400's industry-leading VolanoMark benchmark results, which beat a comparable Sun Microsystems server by a factor of four. Sun did not publish SPECjbb2000 results.

The recently released J2SE 1.3 technology will be available on AS/400e servers in late July. The score of 79,316 operations per second puts AS/400e in a leadership position across the various releases of the Java technologies. SPEC has reviewed and posted the results on its official Web site at

The AS/400e Model 840 server is powered by IBM's I-Star (copper and SOI) microprocessors, running IBM's AS/400 Developer Kit for Java licensed program on Version 4 Release 5 of OS/400Ô. The AS/400e Model 840 is 3.6 times faster than the previous generation of AS/400 servers. Version 4 Release 5 of OS/400 includes enhancements that deliver up to 65 percent improvement in Java performance over the previous release of OS/400.