IBM Learning Village Now Available as a Hosted Solution

Hosted System Offers Reliability and Availability Without Need for On-site Technical Support

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Reduced Cost & Faster Implementation </span></strong><span> - 27 Jun 2000: IBM provides comprehensive support so that the school does not need to hire additional or retrain existing IT personnel.
- 24/7 availability - IBM provides the highest level of support to ensure that the system remains available to users around the clock.
- Reliability - IBM support personnel can rapidly respond to critical performance issues or any other problem.
- Scalability - IBM can provide immediate access to expanded resources, enabling the client to handle the demands of any number of users.

"IBM is committed to developing solutions that employ advanced technologies to improve learning for students of all ages and all geographies," said Sean Rush, general manager, IBM Global Education. "By offering a hosted version of IBM Learning Village we are enhancing the system by increasing reliability and accessibility. This allows teachers and administrators to spend less time maintaining the system and more time using the system to develop better lesson plans and curricula."

Teachers can use the system to confer with other teachers or administrators on instructional plans and strategies. Parents can access IBM Learning Village via the Internet to check their child's assignments and performance, and communicate with teachers and administrators about their child's progress and school issues.

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