IBM AS/400e servers and ScotSystems Shredding Paper for Convenience Store Industry

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 03 Jul 2000:

-Behind the film and candy at most convenience stores counters is a small mountain of paper -- invoices, sales receipts and shift reports -- standing in the way of a more profitable operation. Bill Scott, owner of ScotSystems(R), sees this mountain of paper as a business-to-business opportunity for himself and the convenience store industry.
Using two IBM AS/400e(R) servers, ScotSystems has created, a new B2B Internet portal designed to help convenience stores and gas stations do their ordering and billing on-line, saving them time and money. The Web site will enable convenience stores and gas stations to rent business applications for as low as $99 per month and more easily connect with suppliers, manage inventory, process payroll, and simplify accounting procedures.
ScotSystems hopes to automate 180,000 convenience stores and gas stations by connecting their back office to the more than 4,000 grocery and fuel suppliers in a common hub on the Internet. It's a classic example of how technology is giving small businesses the same operational efficiency normally enjoyed by just large companies. It's also a classic example of how the IBM AS/400e server is the engine of e-business transformation for thousands of small businesses.
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