IBM Deskstar Disk Drives Offer 100 MB/s For ATA & IDE Interface Applications

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - 13 Jul 2000: -IBM's recently launched Deskstar disk drives offer the world a performance boost to all ATA and IDE interface applications, including the new ATA/100. The IBM Deskstar 75GXP and 40GV drives burst data to the host at up to 100 Megabytes per second. These Deskstar products feature multiple benefits to all ATA interface application requiring high capacity, high performance drives.

"The IBM 75 GB Deskstar remains the highest capacity disk drive in the entire hard drive market since its introduction in March," said Shiv Shivaji, program director of IBM's Desktop Marketing Division.

The ATA 100 Deskstar provides the industry's highest non-operational shock protection -- 400 G for the two-disk 5400 rpm model and 350 G for the three-disk, 7200 rpm model. Ramp load/unload of the heads and the use of glass disks enable these new levels of durability.
Several enhancements have reduced idle acoustics to an industry-leading 3.1 bels for the 45 GB 7200 rpm. The drives complement the system goal of reducing power, with the two-disk 5400 rpm model at only 4.9 W and the three disk 7200 rpm model requiring only 6.7 W (idle). The Deskstar disk drives meet the spin-up times of the Microsoft Drive Ready campaign despite its low acoustics and low power requirements.

The IBM Deskstars can be configured to further reduce both acoustics and power, for special system applications. These special modes reduce the specifications for the 45 GB 7200 rpm model to 3 bels seeking and less than 3 W in idle mode. The 40 GB 5400 rpm specifications drop to 3.1 bels seeking and less than 3 W in idle mode. These are all industry-leading levels of achievement.

All major PC manufacturers have qualified these IBM drives and have started shipping all models, ranging in capacity from 75 to 15 GB at 7200 rpm and from 40 to 20 GB at 5400 rpm. IBM has been shipping these Deskstar drives to original equipment manufacturers and distributors since April, 2000.

Deskstar is a registered trademark of IBM. For more information about IBM's Deskstar Disk Drives, visit:

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