IBM Announces "Tool kit" to Help Customers Easily Migrate to Windows 2000 Professional

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 14 Jul 2000: -IBM today announced several tools to help customers easily transition to Windows(R) 2000 Professional. The IBM System Installation Tool Kit includes three system software tools to help customers migrate and deploy systems using Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating systems, including Windows 2000 Professional. Originally offered solely for IBM systems, these tools are now available for non-IBM systems and include a user-friendly graphical user interface.

The System Installation Tool Kit automates operating system and application deployments on all connected systems in an enterprise. When migrating end-users to a new hardware platform, the tool kit enables the transfer of end-user system, network and Windows settings, including data files from current systems. This suite of software tools allows unattended installation of client systems over a network, including the ability to prepare systems for safe disposal or the restoration of systems in the event of data corruption or virus infection. The System Installation Tool Kit can be either downloaded directly from IBM's Lifecycle Care site or accessed from a CD.

"The availability of the Software Installation Tool kit (SIT) for OEM PCs further serves to differentiate IBM from its competition and helps customers to ease the transition to Windows 2000 Professional," said Maria DeGiglio, senior industry analyst, D.H. Andrews Group.

"This offering demonstrates the company's commitment to industry standards and shows IBM's unique ability to provide unparalleled products and services to customers whose PC environments -- both hardware and software -- are heterogeneous."
The three major components of the IBM System Installation Tool Kit are the following:

- System Migration Assistant, which enables e-mail, data and custom settings to be migrated from an existing end-user PC to a new PC in an efficient and cost-effective manner. SMA has been designed to remotely migrate large volumes of PCs while preserving individual settings and machine personality.

- LanClient Control Manager(TM), which is an automated, remote software distribution tool. With LCCM, a customer can plug a new PC with a totally blank hard drive into the network and then leave for the night. A server on the LAN is capable of sending a signal to "wake up" (Wake on LAN) the PC and begin automated software distribution. During the initial loading of
the operating system, Rapid Restore, which is part of LCCM, partitions the hard drive and loads software applications and an extra copy of the operating system. If the operating system should fail, Rapid Restore allows the user to reboot the PC using the partitioned copy of the operating system. The user can be up running again quickly without waiting for problem diagnosis and for a technical support person to be dispatched.

- Software Delivery Assistant, which helps companies to reduce the cost of owning and managing PCs because it prevents users from experiencing downtime caused by the absence of the software and applications needed to perform their jobs. The tool helps companies to maintain a single image of all applications. The SDA software recognizes users' profiles and what is needed for them to accomplish their jobs.

"IBM has used its experience in enterprise environments to produce a rich set of tools to allow customers to simplify the transition to Windows 2000 Professional," said John Frederiksen, General Manager of the PC Experience Group at Microsoft. "This allows customers to quickly take advantage of the increased reliability and security of Windows 2000 Professional."

Availability of the IBM System Installation Tool Kit

There is no additional charge to use the System Installation Tool Kit on IBM systems. Registered IBM customers may also choose to download the System Installation Tool Kit from this Web site. IBM customers can acquire licenses to use the System Installation Took Kit on their non-IBM systems from Options by IBM. For details, contact a local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit:

NOTE TO EDITOR: IBM and LANClient Control Manager are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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