Leading music mastering studio to use IBM's digital rights management technology

Sterling Sound Licenses IBM's Electronic Media Management System For Music Preparation

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<span style="font - 24 Jul 2000: IBM and Sterling Sound, a worldwide leader in audio mastering, today announced Sterling Sound will license and use IBM's Electronic Media Management System (EMMS) to prepare music for digital distribution to consumers. Sterling Sound will infuse EMMS security features into music during the mastering process to help protect from unlawful copying while being digitally distributed.

Sterling Sound will include EMMS, an electronic distribution and digital rights management system, in its new e-Mastering™ service. After 30 years of enhancing music for traditional distribution in various formats ranging from LPs to CDs, Sterling Sound's e-Mastering service will now optimize music for playing on the Web. Within the e-Mastering process, Sterling Sound will also help secure music using EMMS, creating a fluid process for enhancing and protecting music for digital distribution and output. IBM will also provide hardware and services support for implementing and integrating EMMS. Sterling Sound will run EMMS on IBM's NetFinity server.

"Sterling has known for several years that digital distribution is going to be the next big wave in the music business, and we've been looking for solutions to address the security issues that have been holding up the growth of the marketplace," said Murat Aktar, president, Sterling Sound. "To date, EMMS offers the only comprehensive and proven digital rights management system on the market and is a complement to our e-Mastering strategy for the Internet."

"IBM designed EMMS to be flexible and inclusive of all segments of the music industry that want to leverage e-business and participate in digital music distribution," said Scott Burnett, content distribution executive, IBM Global Media and Entertainment Industry. "Sterling Sound's e-Mastering service offers a key step in preparing music for the digital world. It also offers a logical process for incorporating security functionality through EMMS, a critical element for the advancement of this marketplace."

The agreement with Sterling Sound represents another milestone in IBM's work to help the music industry transform its business for the digital age. EMMS helps the industry embrace e-business by providing security features through every step of the digital distribution process -- from content preparation, to e-tail transactions, to distribution, to consumer playback application and devices.

In addition to Sterling Sound, EMMS has received support from BMG, Handleman Company, Liquid Audio, RealNetworks, Reciprocal, Sony Music Entertainment - Japan, Sony Consumer Electronics and Toshiba. EMMS was successfully tested in the first broadband music distribution trial conducted with the five leading record companies.

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