Ariba and IBM Unveil Complete B2B E-Commerce Solution for Suppliers

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BURLINGAME, Calif. - 25 Jul 2000: E-Commerce Leaders Enable Mid-Sized Suppliers to Connection to their Trading Partners, Buyers and Marketplaces

IBM and Ariba (Nasdaq: ARBA) today announced the first complete solution to enable suppliers to participate in B2B e-commerce.

The 'IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive' enables suppliers to build an e-commerce site on the Internet that is automatically connected to multiple buyers and marketplaces on the Ariba Commerce Services Network. The offering uses networking solutions from Cisco Systems and provides integrated, plug-and-play solutions for suppliers, allowing participants to generate B2B transactions rapidly for a low up-front cost.

Developed by Ariba and IBM, the offering dramatically streamlines the process through which suppliers participate in e-commerce by providing all the components for a complete solution, including: Hardware, application and middleware software, services and support, financing, B2B connectivity with the Ariba platform, and networking solutions from Cisco Systems. This offering is the first of several complete supplier enablement solutions to be offered under the Ariba SupplierLive program.

Based on IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite and the IBM Netfinity(R) and AS/400(R) server platforms, and incorporating Cisco networking solutions, IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive' offers easy access to multiple procurement systems and e-marketplaces from a single platform.

The solution is part of the IBM Start Now e-business Solutions program, a marketing and enablement program designed to enable IBM Business Partners to quickly implement e-business solutions for customers. It will be available through the worldwide reseller channels of IBM, guaranteeing easy customer access, high adoption and rapid implementation. Networking solutions provided by Cisco Systems will give the supplier the capacity to handle the connectivity demands of business on the Internet to meet customer demands and improve internal efficiencies.

"More than ever before, suppliers want to get involved in global B2B e-commerce," said Ed Kilroy, general manager, IBM electronic commerce software. "IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive meets the needs of suppliers that do not have all of the technological capabilities, expertise, budget and time to build a customized B2B e-commerce solution. Suppliers can drive costs and inefficiencies out of their supply chain by streamlining and automating core business processes. This solution allows suppliers to quickly, efficiently, and affordably integrate into the Ariba Commerce Services Network."

"Ariba, IBM and Cisco recognize the need to help mid-sized suppliers compete within the global e-commerce market, and we are the first to meet that need with a single integrated solution," said Cindy Elkins, senior director, global supplier and content solutions, Ariba. "With the addition of our Ariba SupplierLive solutions for mid-tier suppliers, we now have a complete set of solutions to meet the needs of all suppliers, regardless of their size or level of e-commerce experience and requirements."

Key Features

Multiple selling models: enables suppliers to build a differentiated e-commerce site on the Internet and to connect to
buyers and marketplaces across the Ariba Commerce Services Network Seamless cXML PunchOut: allows buyers live access to a supplier's e-commerce site, maintaining differentiation and streamlining content management Robust implementation for buyer specific catalogs and pricing: IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite enables customers to create bundles, packages, cross-sells, and up-sells Pre-negotiated prices: buyers and suppliers can securely contract with each other for discounted prices Back-end integration: orders can now flow directly from Ariba Buyer to IBM's WebSphere commerce Suite without human intervention, and IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite can be integrated directly into the supplier's ERP system B2B interoperability: allowing suppliers to connect and do business with various B2B ecosystems Continuous connectivity: networking solutions provided by Cisco provide suppliers the capacity to handle the increased demand for connectivity


IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive targets medium-sized suppliers requiring an all-in-one solution for B2B e-commerce transactions. MSC Industrial Direct (NYSE: MSM) is a pilot customer implementing the solution.

"The IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive" is an innovative solution that will enhance MSC's value to our customers," noted Mitchell Jacobson, Chairman and CEO, MSC Industrial Direct. "It will shorten implementation time, reduce our costs, provide better information, and enable us to leverage our assets as part of our program to access Fortune 1000 customers."

IBM Business Partners

IBM is working with OnLink and Profile Systems to provide value-added solutions around the offering. OnLink Sales (superscript: TM) configuration application works with WebSphere Commerce Suite to provide suppliers and buyers with order accuracy and information consistency. Profile Systems' MasterDepot solution complements WebSphere Commerce Suite, to help a selling organization gather, store, enhance and maintain their electronic product data . In addition, Xerox Connect, Trifecta, RCM Technologies, Inc. and other IBM Business Partners are working with IBM to implement the IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive for customers.

Ariba Supplier Enablement Program

This solution is also the first of several complete supplier enablement solutions to be launched that Ariba will develop and launch under the Ariba SupplierLive program with different technology providers. By leveraging Ariba SupplierLive solutions, buying organizations and marketplaces will be able to accelerate their implementations by helping their supplier base go live rapidly, increasing their return on investment and competitive advantage.

Ariba SupplierLive demonstrates Ariba's commitment to making suppliers successful by delivering a complete technological solution with pre-integrated connectivity to buyers and marketplaces on the Ariba Commerce Services Network. Ariba SupplierLive extends Ariba's existing portfolio of supplier enablement solutions, providing compelling solutions to all classes of suppliers: cXML PunchOut for large suppliers with sophisticated e-commerce sites; Ariba SupplierLive for mid-tier suppliers who want to build an e-commerce solution; and supplier hubs and network services for small suppliers with limited resources. These comprehensive solutions enable buyers, suppliers and marketplaces to get up and running rapidly, minimize time to benefit and maximizing transaction liquidity.


IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive is immediately available via Ariba's Supplier Advisor on the Ariba Commerce Services Network, the on-line tool that provides suppliers with recommended enablement solutions that match their B2B integration requirements. The solution is offered now through the IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions program, part of the IBM Start Now Solutions for e-business program, a marketing and enablement program designed for IBM's Business Partners, to provide customers with e-business solutions


Ariba, Inc. is the leading business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform and network services provider. Through the Ariba B2B Commerce platform -- an open, end-to-end infrastructure of interoperable software solutions and hosted Web-based commerce services -- the company enables efficient on-line trade, integration and collaboration between B2B marketplaces, buyers, suppliers and commerce service providers. The global reach and best-of-breed functionality of the Ariba B2B Commerce platform creates Internet-driven economies of scale and process efficiencies for leading companies around the world. Ariba can be contacted in the U.S. at 650-930-6200 or at

IBM WebSphere Software Platform

WebSphere Commerce Suite version 4.1 and WebSphere Commerce Studio software are application services built on top of the WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition to provide a core set of technologies upon which future applications services will be built. By leveraging technologies in the WebSphere Software platform, customers will be able to use a single, unified technology foundation for a wide range of e-business applications. It allows companies to build essential e-business applications fast, leveraging additional key IBM application services in collaboration and transactions, in addition to a wide-range of partner applications as needed.

IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite, the first integrated e-commerce solution, provides a wide range of easy-to-use features and functions for content management, relationship marketing, order management, and payment management for all types of Internet businesses, including business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and e-marketplaces. Sites built with WebSphere Commerce Suite can easily integrate with both internal and external systems and grow with the changing needs of an e-business. IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite customers benefit from the functionality of the WebSphere family, which integrates Web commerce, Web application server, Web application development tools, transaction processing and distributed component software from IBM.

IBM Corporation

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of applications, middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. The fastest way to get more information about IBM software is through the IBM Software home page at

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