IBM Infoprint Color 130 digital print system available for improving customer relationship management

Provides Users With a Total Solution for Producing Variable Content Documents On-The-Fly

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BOULDER, Colo - 25 Jul 2000: . . .IBM* today announced the availability of the IBM Infoprint* Color 130, a digital color printing solution designed for customers who are looking to gain a competitive advantage by building their variable content printing business. Ideal for creating effective, highly personalized full-color marketing collateral, the Infoprint Color 130 incorporates industry-leading composition tools and a new press server for enhanced output quality.

Previewed at DRUPA 2000, the Infoprint Color 130 is an entry level, postscript solution that offers high-volume, high-quality output, as well as dynamic content management. It's designed for a wide range of business environments, including corporate in-plant operations, direct mail houses, one-to-one marketing organizations, graphic design agencies, commercial printers and prepress service bureaus. To help support the creation of variable content documents, the Infoprint Color 130 can be configured to include a new version of QuarkXPress**-based VIPDesigner**, which provides higher throughput for variable content printing.

"Companies are looking to improve the effectiveness of their customer relationship management through printed communication," said David Dobson, vice president of global marketing and strategy, IBM Printing Systems. "This is being fueled by the continued growth of print-on-demand applications, print volumes from new markets and applications and the migration of black-and-white to color applications. The Infoprint Color 130, coupled with variable content software and Infoprint Manager, makes this solution an ideal choice to support the growing market."

Infoprint Color Benefits
This third generation digital system provides substantial cost, quality and productivity benefits. Enhanced color rendering and improved light fastness is achieved with the Infoprint Color 130's new color pigment technology. With new toner and developer for the Infoprint Color 130, users will have to make fewer developer mix changes than with previous models, cutting back on operator intervention and improving availability of the printer.

Distinguishing itself from other Xeikon** engine-based systems, the Infoprint Color 130 system includes a powerful RIP server based on an IBM Intellistation* -- a high-performance server based on standard Microsoft Windows NT** technology.

The RIP server, with dual 800 Mhz Intel Pentium III processors, features BARCO FastRip/X to support postscript 3, and Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.3 to provide a wide range of application support. The RIP server's dual processing capability substantially increases printer utilization and performance by RIPing or processing new jobs while current jobs are printing. The RIPed jobs can also be archived for ease in reprinting files.

A new compression technique achieved through the printer's press server enables faster network throughput. The Infoprint Color 130's press server includes dedicated hardware to decompress and screen pages, then pass the pages as objects to the printer at a data rate of 100 Mbits per second. The new XML-based book ticket helps the press server manage print jobs by defining print job characteristics. The press server then dynamically assembles and merges compressed objects to create pages, and specifies collation and imposition settings for the print job.

Infoprint Color Features
The IBM Infoprint Color 130 features include:* High-quality output with four bits-per-spot printing.
* Ability to print full 475.1 mm (18.7 inch) image width on a 500 to 508 mm (19.7 to 20.0 inch) width web.
* Speed of up to 138 full-color letter size impressions per minute.
* Eight and 16 page signatures.
* Resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi).
* High-performance server with ability to store, combine and transfer RIPed color objects for printing.
* New XML-based book ticket file helps manage print jobs.
* New Version 3 toner and developer mix enable users to benefit from improved print quality and enhanced process stability.* Support for VIP Designer 1.2.

Pricing and Availability
The Infoprint Color 130 will be generally available beginning on July 28, 2000 at a U.S. list price of $520,000. Beginning September 29, all Infoprint Color 130 standard features will be available and existing Infoprint Color 130 customers will be able to upgrade at no extra charge.

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