Fedex Ground selects IBM to improve package delivery in North America

Powerful RS/6000 Servers to Support Scanning of Over 1.5 Million Packages A Day

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& #9; </span></strong></p><p><span>Pittsburgh, Pa - 18 Aug 2000: IBM today announced that FedEx Ground, North America's second-largest provider of ground package delivery, has selected powerful copper-fueled RS/6000 S80 UNIX servers to enable increased use of wearable scanning technology. The new systems will help FedEx Ground better track the more than 1.5 million packages a day that pass through its innovative business-to-business and business-to-residential networks.

In large distribution hubs like Harrisburg, Pa., Fed Ex Ground delivery trucks will use patented wearable scanning technology to take data from thousands of remote scanners which determine which packages should be loaded onto which trucks. This wearable technology, developed by
FedEx Ground, adds to the number of scans a package receives at each distribution center before going on trucks. The scan information is sent directly to the new RS/6000 S80 servers where it is processed and compiled as part of a network of packaging information, enabling FEDEX
Ground to identify where a package is anywhere in North America and predict delivery times up to the minute. Backed by highly reliable, secure S80 servers running the award-winning AIX operating system, the IBM solution at FedEx Ground minimizes the possibility of misloaded
packages, and increases overall processing speed.

"The IBM RS/6000 S80 servers fully support our scanning project by serving thousands of remote scanners," said Ken Spangler, Director IT Field Operations FedEx Ground. "By linking and facilitating the scanning application with the S80 servers, we win big in price performance and scalability."

In choosing the RS/6000 solution, FedEx Ground conducted head-to-head performance testing of an S80 against competitive systems. During the test in Dallas, FedEx Ground realized immediate performance gains and was able to simulate thousands of remote scanners processing millions of
scan transactions per hour.

"We realized that the IBM servers were able to handle a much larger volume of scanning for our 7,000 plus scanners running on just two S80's," added Spangler. "More importantly, the S80's have the horsepower and can be configured to allow future scalability while still providing
failover capacity in the event of a server or network problem."

"The IBM RS/6000 lineup of powerful servers helps leading companies such as FedEx Ground meet critical business needs," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Servers. "The S80's performance and reliability benefit customers by providing greater speed and efficiency."

Since its introduction in September of last year, the RS/6000 S80 has been recognized as the world's most powerful single server - shattering benchmark records for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Web serving, Java performance, online transaction processing, file serving and Lotus Domino scalability. Utilizing innovative copper microprocessor technology, the 64-bit RS/6000 S80 offers unmatched performance and scalability for e-business, business intelligence, ERP and other mission-critical business applications.

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