Microsoft, IBM, Arthur Andersen, Avaya join enfrastructure in new Global Venture; Innovative infrastructure company secures more than $100 million in financing

Enfrastructure Provides Business Infrastructure Through Cost-Effective, Scalable Approach to Reduce Capital Expenditures, Operating Costs

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Partnerships with Industry Leaders**</span></strong><br /><span>With IBM, Microsoft, Avaya, Arthur Andersen & other alliance partners offering the best of their products & services, Enfrastructure clients will realize the competitive advantage of best - 19 Sep 2000: :


Arthur Andersen:


Dramatic Cost and Burn Rate Reductions
Rather than investing up-front to purchase and integrate hardware, software and telecommunications solutions, as well as secure and guarantee office space, companies can preserve precious capital by paying only for products and services they consume. The reduction in initial infrastructure costs can significantly increase the amount of capital available for ongoing operations, a key competitive advantage in today's more cautious marketplace, which requires stricter fiscal oversight, particularly amongst early-stage, high-growth companies.

We have set out to do nothing less than change the way business is conducted, said James Watson, co-founder, President and COO, Enfrastructure. With these extraordinary partners, we are able to provide our clients with a package of strategic, outsourced solutions that are unique to Enfrastructure. These services are in high demand -- prior to today's official launch of the company, we already have had interest from companies for over four times the available space.

On-Campus, Off-Campus, Early-Stage, Established
The Enfrastructure concept of providing cost-effective, bundled services is not only available to campus clients, but also to companies that expand beyond the campus and companies already established in off-campus locations. For off-campus clients, everything included in the Enfrastructure portfolio technology, business support and professional services can be delivered to their location.

Although initially concentrating on high-growth, youthful companies, the Enfrastructure model is also designed to meet the various infrastructure needs of more established companies as well, those who have seen the value of outsourcing non-core functions.

Unique Campus Culture**
Enfrastructure campuses provide the lifestyle and vibrant atmosphere that growth companies thrive upon. Designed to meet the challenges of maintaining a high level of employee retention and productivity, campus amenities include: cafes, fitness centers, banking services, dry cleaning/laundry services, sports
bar/lounges, printing/production centers, and travel agencies. This cooperative campus environment
enables potential business partners to network and learn from each other from very early stages in their development, offering greater business opportunities to campus residents and ultimately, better products and services for their customers.

On-Campus Time/Life Management Amenities:

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