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# # # </span></strong><br /><strong><span>IBM Internet daily Highlights Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - 25 Sep 2000: Olympic Web Site Traffic (http://www.olympics.com)

Total number of hits to date: 7.2 billion

Hits for Monday, September 25: 753 million an 18% increase over last Monday.

Peak Hits per Minute Saturday, September 25: 864,754

Olympics.com Traffic Highlights:

FanMail - www.ibm.com/fanmail

Total FanMail messages: 292,177

Top countries SENDING messages: Australia, USA, Canada,

New Zealand, Japan

Top countries visiting the IBM Surf Shack in the Village:Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Poland

Visits to the IBM Surf Shack in the Athletes' Village: 27,806

Public Visits IBM Surf Shack at Darling Harbour: 57, 817

Home pages created by athletes: 3,379

1 - Ian Thorpe (Australia, swimming)

2 - Claudio Nolano (Italy, taekwando)

3 - Susie O'Neill (Australia, swimming)

4 - Cathy Freeman (Australia, athletics)

5 - Kieran Perkins (Australia, swimming)

6 - Grant Hackett (Australia, swimming)

7 - Michael Klim (Australia, swimming)

8 - Eric Moussambani (Equitorial Guinea, swimming)

9 - Lenny Krayzelburg (USA, swimming)

10 - Pieter van den Hoogenband (Netherlands, swimming)

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