IBM Technology to Power Envera Petroleum and Chemical Global e-marketplace

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White Plains, NY - 27 Sep 2000: IBM today announced it has been selected by Envera, a global e-marketplace exchange for transactions and services in the petroleum and chemical industries, to provide the infrastructure, hosting, and management services. Envera is scheduled to start operations worldwide in early October.

"IBM Global Services was selected for its unparalleled expertise, security, scalability and reliability in Web hosting services," said Robert Mooney, Envera's chief executive officer. "Partnering with IBM -- the industry leader -- ensures Envera trading members that their business transactions will be executed reliably and securely using open technology that provides the flexibility we need."

Envera is sponsored by a consortium of international companies. Based on the Latin word for "in truth," Envera is a nonpartisan and transparent facilitator of business transactions through which companies and their supply chain partners can communicate seamlessly and in real time. It is not a spot auction site. The reality of Envera's conflict-free transaction exchange is enabling more efficient, error-free, and cost-effective data transactions -- essentially redefining the business-to-business concept as e-business-for-business (eB4B).

A full range of transactions will occur among trading members -- including vendors, customers and suppliers -- with links to global financial institutions, shipping companies and other key service providers.

A key feature of Envera is its use of advanced XML (extensible markup language) technology that enables participating companies to trade more efficiently by linking their enterprise resource planning (ERP) data systems through the Internet to their entire supply chain.

IBM will host the exchange on RS/6000 servers. As the world leader in hosting and e-business services, IBM manages more than 73,000 servers from multiple hardware venders in 175 data centers worldwide. Additionally, IBM is working with strategic partners to build and operate as many as 65 advanced e-business hosting, Class A data centers with multiple Tier 1 network connectivity and advanced security providing the ultimate in highly reliable, high-performance Internet operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

"Envera is positioned to provide the chemical and petroleum industry with a more efficient supply chain through its open e-marketplace," said Dr. Eric Leon, IBM general manager, Chemical and Petroleum, unit. "Through our experiences hosting some of the world's most complex Web sites we can quickly provide our customers with the most powerful, innovative e-business services and support available today."

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