IBM Delivers Gold Medal Performance for Olympic Technology

Official Olympic Web Site Sets Records for Internet Traffic

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IBM Olympics Games Technology Facts & Figures</span></strong><br /><i><strong><span>Olympic Web Site Traffic (</span></strong></i></strong></p><p><strong><span>Developed & hosted by IBM, the only site on the Web with real - 02 Oct 2000:

(Australian Eastern Standard Time) during the bronze medal Japan vs Korean baseball game, womens' gold medal tennis match between the USA and Russia, and the cycling road race.

  • Highest total number of hits in a single day: 874.5 million, Tuesday, September 26
  • IBM Internet Infrastructure Availability: 100%
  • IBM FanMail (

    A fun and easy way for fans to send messages of good luck and congratulations to your favorite athletes and teams competing in Sydney.


    An intranet-based system that is an information resource for the 260,000 members of the Olympic Family during the Games; including athlete biographies, news, schedules and records.

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