IBM and Tivoli Debut Enterprise Technology management offering for Higher Education

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NASHVILLE, TN - 10 Oct 2000: -- IBM and Tivoli today announced the debut of an enterprise technology management offering for higher education to facilitate pervasive and mobile computing programs such as the IBM ThinkPad University program.

In a mobile computing environment, where there are thousands of "connected" computers and handheld devices "walking" around on campus, it is critical to the success of the program to work to ensure constant availability of the network as well as the devices. Using the Tivoli Inventory and Software Distribution managers can identify and assess the readiness of each computer or device on the network, determine what software is installed and then distribute the applications required for course work or projects to specific students. The Tivoli Remote control application allow service personnel to take control of any system connected to the network for analysis and repair regardless of where the computer is located.

Several IBM ThinkPad University program schools are now ordering ThinkPads with Tivoli agents preloaded that enable them to track and manage students' computers from day one of the school year. Once a student is online, they have the ability to assess the computer's readiness to accept software, locate and inventory equipment and provide fast help desk service interactively online.

This offering complements IBM's ThinkPad University program. The combination of award-winning IBM ThinkPads and Tivoli Enterprise Management solutions allows institutions of higher education to realize their academic vision focusing on their most important mission - education.

As an IBM-Tivoli effort, Man Bui, IBM Global Marketing Manager of Academic Solutions and Phil Farley, Tivoli Systems Inc. Director, Education Industry noted, "Mobile computer users today expect instant availability and total functionality. Managing thousands of mobile computers is a herculean task without the kinds of functions provided by the Tivoli suite of enterprise management solutions. Faculty and student communications can be structured to provide information under predetermined conditions. For example, a professor can preload a webpage with the exam answers on condition that the page can only be viewed after the examination date."

Tivoli enterprise management functions include:

Tivoli® Software Distribution
Tivoli® Inventory
Tivoli® Remote Control

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