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SOMERS, N.Y - 16 Oct 2000: -- IBM today introduced the most powerful commercial server in history -- the IBM eServer* pSeries 680* *-- and announced it will ship the UNIX-based system to customers in volume beginning November 17th. Code-named "Turbo," the pSeries 680 has already captured eight major performance benchmark records using up to 24 copper microprocessors with IBM's breakthrough Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology.

Building on IBM's award-winning RS/6000 S80 design, the p680 delivers superior performance with fewer processors than Sun and Hewlett-Packard systems, while also bringing new mainframe-inspired functionality to UNIX customers.

"IBM is far and away the leader in server technology that enables extraordinary e-business performance," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Servers. "Once again IBM is delivering in Internet time. Our new IBM eServer* delivers a big leap in power and significant new functionality while our competitors are still pointing to products in 2001. "


Web Serving

(1) SPECweb99

Fastest Web server
7,288 simultaneous connections

Sun has not published
HP - 1,750 simultaneous connections

Transaction Processing*
(1) TPC-C
Most powerful OLTP server
220,807.27 tpmC
@$43.30 /tpmC
Sun E10000 64-way
156,873.03 tpmC
@ $48.81 /tpmC
HP V2500 32-way
102,025.50 tpmC
@ $63.21 /tpmC

Java Performance

(2) VolanoMark

(1) SPECjbb2000

Top Java performance for UNIX
133,251 messages per second

56,834 operations per second

Sun results no longer
HP has not published

Sun has not published
HP - 40,192 ops

SAP performance

(1) SAP ATO (2-tier)

Best SAP performance

8,570 assembly orders per hour

Sun has not published
HP - 2,260 assembly orders
per hour

Baan performance
Best Baan performance
11,886 Baan Reference Users (BRU's)

Sun has not published
HP has not published

PeopleSoft performance
General Ledger

Best PeopleSoft Performance

15,584,416 journal lines per hour
533,546 transactions per hour

Sun has not published
HP has not published

(1) (10/16/2000)
(2) IBM News Releases (10/16/2000)

1IBM Mainframe Technologies

Other Key Features of the pSeries 680

"IBM's UNIX server platform is the best on the planet for companies like Cable & Wireless that need to run large-scale business intelligence applications," said, Bob Plamondyn, director of Global Service Delivery, Cable & Wireless. "IBM's UNIX server technology helps us keep up with our growing telecommunications and multimedia communications operations. We anticipate the new IBM eServer* p680 will provide IT leaders with an unbeatable server platform for e-business."

Blue Hammer: High Performance Clusters
High performance cluster options are also available to p680 customers. Code-named "Blue Hammer," the world's most powerful UNIX cluster system dedicated to Web-based commerce allows customers to cluster up to 16 IBM eServer* p680 systems scaling to 384 copper microprocessors from a single point-of-control. The "Blue Hammer" system ushers in a new era of manageability for commercial UNIX systems using IBM's Parallel System Support Programs (PCP) -- the robust management software first developed for the IBM SP super computers.

The IBM eServer* pSeries 680 starts at $420,000***

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About IBM eServer*

IBM is the largest server company in the world. The p680 is the latest addition to IBM's eServer* line, a new generation of servers introduced earlier this month that feature mainframe-class reliability and scalability, broad support of open standards, and capacity on demand for managing the unprecedented demands of e-business.

*The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the following descriptive term "server" following it.

**The IBM e-business logo, xSeries, iSeries, pSeries and zSeries are all trademarks of IBM Corporation. All others are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

*** Prices are subject to change. Reseller Prices may vary

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