IBM Introduces eServer* Family of Appliance Servers

<br><br>New Appliance Servers Offer "Plug and Play" Capabilities with Linux®, Windows® and Domino

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·The iSeries 400 model 820 - the industry's first Lotus Domino server appliance to deliver Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology.

"With the appliance server market growing at more than 50 percent a quarter, IBM has positioned these new eServer appliance offerings to address the explosive demand for businesses to build out their Internet infrastructure," said Mark Melenovsky, research manager at IDC. "While other vendors, such as Cobalt, -recently acquired by Sun Microsystems for $2 billion- have built an effective brand image in the web-hosting market, IBM is aggressively filling out its appliance server offering with an entire line of internally designed servers."

The new server appliances are designed to handle extremely high volumes of specific tasks in an e-business infrastructure. With these appliances, customers will be able to deploy pre-configured servers, reducing set up time and providing what is essentially a "plug and play" capability, when constructing their "server-farms." This new family of IBM eServer appliance servers brings together years of expertise in developing servers and the software that runs best on them.

Web Hosting and Storage Server Appliances

The design of the x130 and x135 appliance servers are based on a 1U (1.75 inch high) rack server which optimizes space usage without sacrificing key features like hot-swap hard disk drives and integrated system management. The x130 includes IBM Web Server Accelerator software, allowing it to cache static content in memory, increasing system performance. The x135 includes the IBM HTTP Server power by APACHE middleware, which allows customers to leverage broad market WEB creation knowledge.

Highly manageable and easy to install, the x130 and x135 can be out of the box and deployed in minutes. Customers will also enjoy maximum flexibility with the new web-hosting appliances, which offer users the freedom to choose the operating environment that best suits their business needs.

The x150 appliance, with its high performance and scalability, is offered as either a tower or rack model, providing storage at the departmental and the workgroup level in heterogeneous environments. The ability to add additional storage to a network of systems in a non-disruptive fashion makes the x150 a perfect fit in today's storage hungry e-business solutions. The x150 can seamlessly work in an Active Directory and DFS environment, and provide storage for systems supporting CIFS, HTTP, and NFS file formats.

The x130, x135 and x150 include an installation agent that allows for installation in minutes. Once connected to the Web or Server infrastructure, the agent identifies itself to the system administrator to begin installation, streamlining the integration process.

Domino Appliances

The iSeries 400 Appliance Servers for Domino are specialized application servers designed for small-to-medium business customers who want to connect people through e-mail, run Domino applications, collaborate on projects or host a website -- all on a single server. IBM Lotus Domino is the world's leading groupware solution. Typical customer uses include mail and calendaring, web-hosting, customer care and mobile sales force automation - all applications deemed crucial to virtually every e-business enterprise.

The entry-level iSeries 400 Appliance Server for Domino is available as a rack-mount or tower in either Uni-processor or 2-way processor configurations, which support more than 5,000 Domino Mail and Calendaring users. Customers requiring larger Domino applications can take advantage of a more powerful iSeries server available in Uni, 2-way or 4-way processor configurations. It is capable of supporting up to 10,000 Mail and calendaring users. Logical partitioning capabilities of the iSeries appliance server for Domino allow multiple virtual Domino "servers" to run inside a single iSeries 400 servers. This enables customers to designate and balance the processing power and server space needed to run e-mail, groupware and web applications, without wasting server resources.

eServer Appliance Family

The new xSeries and iSeries models are the first servers in IBM's new eServer line. The eServer products are designed for the next generation of e-business to adapt to the needs of the customer by offering flexibility, technology and guaranteed performance.

The IBM eServer xSeries servers are based on IBM's X-Architecture, a blueprint incorporating the latest mainframe technologies into industry standard Intel based servers.

The IBM eServer iSeries servers features integrated open system functions built into the operating system and pre-tested for reliable, turnkey functionality while incorporating two breakthrough technologies: copper and silicon-on-insulator. This combination of integration and innovation allows iSeries-based solutions to be deployed with fewer technical resources while achieving high reliability and security with excellent performance.

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*The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the descriptive term "server" following it.

**The IBM e-business logo, xSeries and iSeries are all trademarks of IBM Corporation. All others are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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