JesterDigital to Implement IBM Technology for Digital Music Distribution in 3D To Offer Consumers New 3D Experience For Buying Music Using IBM's Electronic Media Management System

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WEBNOIZE, Los Angeles - 13 Nov 2000: IBM and JesterDigital today announced JesterDigital will implement IBM's Electronic Media Management System (EMMS) to digitallydeliver music to consumers in a unique three-dimensional web environment. JesterDigital is building a new way for consumers to experience and purchase music. Through its web site,, the company will allow visitors to enter a three-dimensional, virtual reality world and simultaneously purchase and download music available on the site. IBM's EMMS, an electronic media distribution and digital rights management system, will provide security features for protecting the intellectual property rights of content owners while music is being downloaded from JesterDigital will be demonstrating its new EMMS-based service at the IBM WebNoize booth (19 and 20).

JesterDigital is a leader in the next generation of digital media Internet firms, delivering unique Web experiences to their target audience of teenagers and young adults. At, consumers can experience 3D worlds including music studios, skateboard and snowboard parks, live game shows, and even fan clubs designed by leading music artists.
By combining the power and security of IBM's EMMS with the creative energy and realism of JesterDigital's 3D worlds, is reinventing the user experience of the Internet. "In the next-generation Internet when music, games, film and other forms or rich media are the primary objects of e-commerce, the richness of the user experience will become the key point of differentiation in the battle for online customers," commented John Textor, Chairman and CEO of JesterDigital. "We believe that an interactive, virtual reality platform represents an extremely high competitive standard at the beginning of this digital media revolution."
"JesterDigital's deployment of EMMS demonstrates the flexibility of the solution to be integrated into different environments including the three-dimensional environment at," said Scott Burnett, business development executive, IBM Global Media & Entertainment Industry. "The audience will be among the first to experience the convenience of digital music distribution with the added entertainment benefit of the site's unique array of 3D worlds."
In addition to JesterDigital, EMMS has received support from BMG, Handleman Company, Liquid Audio Japan,, RealNetworks, Reciprocal, Sony Consumer Electronics, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Sterling Sound and Toshiba Portable Devices Division.EMMS was successfully tested in the first broadband music distribution trial conducted with the five leading record companies.

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