MusicMatch and IBM Provide Complete Path for Digital Music Distribution

MusicMatch Jukebox to Provide Users with Access to Major-label Content Protected by IBM Electronic Media Management System

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WEBNOIZE, Los Angeles - 14 Nov 2000: MusicMatch, Inc., makers of the world's first all-in-one digital music jukebox, and IBM today announced that MusicMatch has licensed IBM's Electronic Media Management System (EMMS) for integration in forthcoming versions of the MusicMatch Jukebox software program. As a comprehensive electronic media distribution and digital rights management system, EMMS will provide security features for protecting the intellectual property rights of content owners during the downloading and playback process in MusicMatch Jukebox. EMMS is designed to support a broad range of media types beginning first with music and audio content.

By offering integrated support for EMMS, music fans who use MusicMatch Jukebox will be able to access, organize and play music protected with EMMS' rich security features. The relationship between IBM and MusicMatch will help provide content owners -- artists and record labels -- with a path for establishing commerce around the digital distribution of music. It also provides music fans with a convenient and seamless experience for enjoying music in the digital age. The EMMS-enabled MusicMatch Jukebox is expected to be available before the end of the year.
"MusicMatch Jukebox is an easy-to-use and consumer-friendly vehicle for the secure delivery and playback of copyrighted music," said Bob Ohlweiler, senior vice president of business development for MusicMatch, Inc. "By supporting the IBM EMMS in MusicMatch Jukebox, our more than 11 million users will be able to enjoy music being made available through new Internet delivery channels later this year."
"We are truly pleased to be able to offer consumers a very popular option for playing EMMS-encrypted music in the MusicMatch Jukebox," said Scott Burnett, business development executive, IBM Global Media & Entertainment Industry. "This agreement with MusicMatch continues IBM's work in providing the technology that will help the music industry conveniently deliver music to consumers while protecting the intellectual property rights of content owners."
"The relationship between IBM and MusicMatch will offer consumers a high-quality option for enjoying music encrypted with EMMS," said Kevin Conroy, President, Worldwide Marketing, BMG Entertainment. "We are pleased to see IBM and MusicMatch working together to provide a complete path for delivering music digitally to consumers."
"We are pleased the MusicMatch Jukebox will be made available to consumers, and that they'll be able to access EMMS-encrypted music," said Larry Miller, President, Reciprocal Entertainment. "Reciprocal is enthusiastic about our relationship with IBM, and we look forward to providing clearinghouse services for EMMS."
In addition to MusicMatch, EMMS has received support from BMG, Handleman Company, JesterDigital, Liquid Audio Japan,, RealNetworks, Reciprocal, Sony Consumer Electronics, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Sterling Sound and Toshiba Portable Devices Division. EMMS was successfully tested in the first broadband music distribution trial conducted with the five leading record companies.

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