IBM Improves Record-Setting Desktop Hard Disk Drive

New Generation Offers Significant Improvements in Acoustics, Power and Shock Resistance

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San Jose, Calif. - 14 Nov 2000: IBM today announced a new, enhanced generation of its record-setting desktop ATA drives, the Deskstar 60GXP. This new drive handles a wide range of advanced desktop and audio/video applications. The 60GXP features enhancements such as low acoustics, reduced power and tagged command queuing. These improvements make the new 7200 RPM desktop drive ideal for traditional desktop applications as well as for low-cost routers, entry-level servers and switches.

The Deskstar 60GXP stores 20 gigabytes (GB) of data per disk, a 33 percent increase per disk over the previous generation. A single drive can now store the equivalent of 50,000 paperback novels (about 10 million pages) or approximately 1,025 hours of CD-quality music. The drive offers a maximum media data rate of 494 megabits per second (Mb/s) and 8.5 milliseconds (ms) average seek time. This supports higher quality digital audio and video storage, superior digital content creation capabilities and significantly faster processing for multimedia and Internet applications.

Latest Technological Advancements
IBM's ongoing improvements to its Deskstar products have produced the lowest acoustics of any 3-disk, 7200 RPM drive, 3.1 Bels. A unique 3-layer top cover and ceramic spindle motor bearings enable this leading low acoustic level. The Deskstar 60GXP's lower power dissipation leads the industry with 6.7 watts idle power. Lower power means less cooling, extended system life and greater reliability. The Deskstar also provides the highest non-operational shock
tolerance, 400 G for two disks, minimizing the impact of mishandling. This is accomplished, in part, by IBM's unique load/unload mechanism that moves the heads off of the media surface during power-off protecting the user's data. IBM's unique TrueTrack* servo insulates the drive from system vibrations, ensuring accurate write and read operations.

"The balance of capacity and performance enhances not only desktop applications but also enables the use of low-cost ATA for traditional SCSI applications," said Bill Healy, vice president, IBM Storage Technology Division. "The 60GXP's attributes provide a lower-cost storage solution for a variety of non-ATA platforms such as network attached storage devices (NAS), routers and servers."

Other improved technologies include a faster processor, more advanced LSI chips and better hardware caching. Additionally, the Deskstar 60GXP is a second generation drive with the latest ATA interface enabling burst transfers up to 100 megabytes per second (MB/sec).

The Deskstar 60GXP will be shipping in volume in December 2000. The estimated retail price of the 60 GB model is expected to be $355.