IBM Evolves Web Site Analytics Services

Three New SurfAid eAnalytics Offerings To Make Site Analysis Easier, More Comprehensive, and More Affordable

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SOMERS, NY - 19 Dec 2000: IBM today announced three new offerings from its SurfAid Analytics Business Intelligence unit. The new services further address the rapid growth in the Web site analytics space and enable companies to increase site effectiveness, improve customer retention, measure site usability and better understand user behavior-- all critical elements to staying competitive in the Internet economy.

SurfAid Analytics is a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to shrink-wrapped or in-house solutions for Web site analysis. SurfAid's solution is compatible across all servers and platforms, requires no software installation or prerequisite hardware, and is serviced entirely on dedicated SurfAid machines by IBM consultants. SurfAid offers unparalleled scalability for very high-volume Web sites; the technology handled more than one billion hits per day at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

IBM Global Services' SurfAid Analytics service evaluates and returns strategic Web site traffic intelligence with three new service classes designed to match the needs of a full range of professionals and businesses.

"These new SurfAid offerings bring Web site traffic analysis to a new level," said John Payne, IBM Solutions Executive for SurfAid Analytics. "Easy access to comprehensive Web site data and information offers our clients a distinct competitive advantage. Working with SurfAid consultants, companies can maximize their Web site investments."

Through advanced data mining and categorization techniques, SurfAid Analytics identifies visitor attributes that directly relate to customer retention, navigation patterns and buying habits. The data provided by SurfAid can be used in making strategic marketing decisions, such as where to invest or divest in advertising; how to identify affiliates that are yielding more gainful traffic; how to determine which affiliates are directing visitors who complete transactions; and how to pinpoint which regions are generating the most revenue. The amount and type of data collected is at the discretion of the end-user, based on the individual needs of each customer, and can be altered or increased as the needs of the business change.

The integration of Web server log data and additional data sources is especially valuable for customers who collect commerce or visitor registration data. SurfAid can detail the order process from placing products in the shopping cart to order confirmation. The data will also offer insight into the relative success of marketing initiatives in terms of revenue, orders and brand awareness.

In addition to the three new classes of service, SurfAid now includes a Java-based design that improves usability and performance, as well as a new portal page that links customers directly to all of their reporting and analysis needs. SurfAid Analytics enables quick responses for queries against very large and multiple data formats, using DB2 Universal Database. DB2 is a fundamental component for business intelligence solutions based on its unmatched reliability and ability to support massive volumes of daily data.

SurfAid Analytics is part of IBM's $9.7 billion consulting unit. These services allow customers to take advantage of IBM's unmatched experience and unique resources in the area of business intelligence.

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