IBM eServer to Process More Than 100 Million Calls Per Day for Global Communications Provider

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.. - 21 Feb 2001: IBM today announced that World Access, a global provider of telecommunications services, has purchased the largest-ever IBM eServer iSeries system to process billings for more than 100 million telephone calls per day.

The powerful IBM eServer i840 is the backbone of World Access' Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment e-commerce system. It is being installed at the company's worldwide headquarters in San Diego and will run an iSeries-based billing application called Genius(tm), which allows the company to manage all aspects of billing management. Genius software was created by IBM Business Partner Tele-Flex Systems of Boca Raton, Fla.

World Access is an $800 million provider of bundled voice, data and Internet services for small to mid-sized companies in 13 European markets, and operates a carrier-grade network in 14 countries, including the United States, and all key Western European international long-distance markets. The company recently purchased $600 million international long-distance carrier WorldXChange, which dramatically increased the demands on the World Access e-business infrastructure.

"We had to increase the power and scalability of our IT infrastructure, quickly and reliably without losing performance to maintain quality service and accurate billing for our customers," said John Hempsey, vice president of operations for the U.S. division of World Access. "We update our online accounts every hour on the hour and it was vitally important that we have a machine that we could count on to be up and running all the time. We knew that the IBM eServer iSeries would give us the 99.99 percent up-time we needed."

The new IBM eServer i840 is built to handle the extreme demands of a multi-workload environment, where core business applications must interoperate effectively with new e-business applications. Its 24-way processors are complemented with expandability options of up to 19 terabytes of disk and up to 96 gigabytes of memory, making it the most powerful iSeries model available. With breakthrough save/restore capability, the new High Speed Link (HSL) enables the i840 to have more than two terabytes of data backed up every hour. This is a key factor in processing more than one million calls per day. In addition to bill processing for millions of phone calls, this IBM e-commerce solution will allow customers to view and pay their bills online.

"The large number of calls being processed daily has put our iSeries solution to an unprecedented test," said Martin Senn, vice president of sales and marketing for Tele-Flex Systems Inc. "We believe the IBM eServer iSeries was the best possible choice to effectively run our solution, to provide the kind of reliability and scalability that is so critical to ensuring success for World Access."

IBM eServer iSeries is the high-performance, integrated business server for mid-market companies. The IBM eServer i840 is powered by the world's first production microchips made of silicon-on-insulator transistors and copper wiring.