IBM eServer Combines Power of Domino With Ease of Microsoft Outlook

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ATLANTA, GA - 26 Feb 2001: IBM today announced a new eServer software solution that combines the power of Lotus Domino with the ease of Microsoft Outlook to dramatically reduce the number of servers necessary to run multiple Outlook clients in an enterprise.

iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook allows customers to consolidate multiple Exchange servers onto a single iSeries Domino server, delivering significant cost reduction and vastly improved function, reliability and security.

"As the number of mail users grow in a Microsoft enterprise, so does the number of servers, creating huge Microsoft Exchange server farms," said Buell Duncan, general manager, IBM Midmarket eServers. "There's an iSeries solution that comes in two flavors -- helping growing companies reduce complexity through server consolidation, or helping them reduce costs by acting as a management hub for rapidly growing NT and Windows 2000 server farms."

According to a 2000 Aberdeen Group report* server and communications costs keep coming down, while administrative personnel costs keep going up. Said Aberdeen, "Throwing more servers at the problem only increases the complexity of the architecture, which increases the number of administrators needed. The long-term value of the IBM iSeries server is that it allows you to design in maximum administrative simplicity at the outset, minimizing long-term personnel costs."

Recent industry estimates indicate there are about 50 million Microsoft Outlook users worldwide, which equates up to about 500,000 Microsoft Exchange servers when you consider the average Exchange server can handle 100 to 600 clients. Microsoft customers typically have five or more servers, with some large enterprises having server requirements in the hundreds.

In contrast, a single fully-configured IBM eServer Dedicated Server for Domino (DSD) is capable of handling from 1,000 to 10,000 mail and calendar users. Announced last year, the new DSD is designed to handle high volumes of specific tasks in an e-business infrastructure. Using iSeries DSD, customers can deploy multiple Domino workloads on a single, easy to manage, reliable server.

An International Data Corporation (IDC) analysis** of Domino users in 500 and 1,000 configurations showed that over a three-year period, an iSeries DSD costs as much as 53 percent less to operate than a PC server. The cost of an operations staff was about 62 percent less.

In addition to cost savings, Microsoft Office users who migrate Outlook clients gain significant reliability and scalability, continued use of Outlook with no change to its look, feel and ease of use. Users also gain access to Domino features unavailable on Exchange, such as "replication on the fly" in a mobile environment, Domino messaging, full-text search capability, and native support for Internet standards such as Simple Mail Transport Protocol/Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (SMTP/MIME) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

Lotus Domino iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook is available today from IBM and IBM Lotus Business Partners worldwide. Purchase price for the client software is $50.

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About IBM - IBM is the number one server vendor in the world. For more information, visit the IBM servers Web site at

The IBM e-business logo and iSeries are trademarks of IBM Corporation.

Domino is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All others are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

*Aberdeen Group study: "IBM AS/4003 840: Meeting the Demands of the New Enterprise Server," 2000.

**IDC study: "Lotus Domino Server: A TCO Analysis of IBM AS/400 Dedicated Server for Domino vs. PC Servers," by Christian Christiansen, 1999.

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