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New Leases Offer Low To Below-Market Rates, Access To Credit For PC Resellers

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ATLANTA, Georgia - 26 Feb 2001: . IBM today added new lease programs to help IBM Business Partners' customers invest in the technology needed to grow their business. IBM Global Financing is the world's largest source of information technology funding and one of the very few sources for software and services financing. Over the past decade, IBM Global Financing has provided more than $165 billion in channel financing, including leasing, working capital, accounts receivable and inventory financing.

IBM Global Financing announced two new lease programs to provide small- and mid-sized businesses with attractive financing, giving them a way to continue information technology investments in a time of tightening credit.

The new leases from IBM Global Financing -- Low Rate Financing and the ValuePlan Line and SuccessLine programs -- are unique offerings that provide IBM Business Partners with new financial tools to support their customers.

Low Rate Financing provides very low rates for financing a wide range of new IBM hardware, including IBM eServer iSeries, pSeries and xSeries servers, all IBM PCs, and storage, printing, store systems and networking hardware products. ValuePlan Line and SuccessLine, available March 15, will enable IBM Business Partners with no prior IBM Global Financing credit history to offer small- and mid-sized customers affordable financing for the acquisition of any IBM Personal & Printing Systems Group (P&PSG) product, including IBM NetVista PCs, ThinkPads and IntelliStations, through two leasing programs.

"Small- to mid-sized businesses face many of the same business requirements as larger ones, including IT solutions needed to remain competitive and grow their businesses," said William Doscas, vice president, marketing and sales operations, IBM Global Financing. "These new offerings further our commitment to these customers and IBM Business Partners and, for the first time, enable resellers with no prior credit history to offer their customers the IT solutions they need, with flexible and affordable financing."

Low Rate Financing
Low Rate Financing, available from Business Partner and IBM sales channels in North America and South America, offers very attractive low-rate financing for most IBM hardware products and is available for new acquisitions, model upgrades and some processor upgrades valued between $50,000 and $500,000. Depending on the customer's credit rating and the term of the lease, among other factors, lease rates may be as low as 5.5 percent. Lease terms are available from 24 to 60 months. Lease rates and terms and conditions may vary by country.

ValuePlan Line
ValuePlan Line allows P&PSG Authorized Resellers without an IBM Global Financing Commercial Financing relationship to use IBM Global Financing as their leasing partner. Business Partners can submit their customers to the P&PSG PartnerChoice program, who will work with IBM Global Financing to gain credit approval for the end-user.

ValuePlan Line is executed on the ValuePlan Lease, a contract designed for mid-sized customers with between 100 - 999 employees. ValuePlan Lease is a simplified, two-page agreement that provides a reduction in rates by including only those features that mid-sized customers typically request, at rates that are up to one and one half percent lower than were previously available. IBM Business Partners in the United States can access ValuePlan Lease through the IBM Internet Tool under PartnerFinancing to price, credit check and generate the ValuePlan Lease contract for their customers.

SuccessLine allows P&PSG Authorized Resellers without an IBM Global Financing Commercial Financing relationship to expand their credit lines at no cost with PartnerChoice as they acquire equipment for resale to their small business customers who finance their acquisition through SuccessLease*. Business Partners can submit their customers' SuccessLease credit application via PartnerChoice on the Web or by facsimile for rapid credit decisions, usually within minutes.

SuccessLease is designed for small and growing businesses with fewer than 100 employees, and for IBM Business Partners selling to them. SuccessLease features a Web-based credit application, with decisions available in just minutes. IBM Authorized Resellers can request SuccessLease financing on behalf of their customers (via the Partner Financing Tool) for acquisitions of IBM or other vendor hardware, software and services worth up to $50,000 per transaction. SuccessLease is offered and administered in the US, Canada, and other countries by third party providers of business financing approved by IBM Global Financing.

About IBM Global Financing
As the largest IT financier in the world, IBM Global Financing offers customers in more than 40 countries leasing and financing solutions for hardware, software and services acquired from IBM and other vendors. With more than $46 billion in annual financing originations in 2000, IBM Global Financing also provides flexible commercial financing for inventory, accounts receivable and acquisitions. In the US, IBM Global Financing customers are served by IBM Credit Corporation. Visit the IBM Global Financing home page at

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*SuccessLease and all IBM Product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

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