IBM eServer z900 Provides Energy Saving Alternative to Server Farms

Hurwitz and Matterhorn Cite "Secret" Competitive Advantage

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Armonk - 15 Mar 2001: New reports from technology analysts Hurwitz Group and Matterhorn Group recommend the IBM eServer* z900**, the reinvented mainframe, running Linux, as an effective energy saving alternative to server farms.

The need to conserve energy and space in computer data centers has taken on new urgency with recent power shortages in California and pending plans for energy deregulation across the nation. The analysts, looking for alternatives to energy-guzzling server farms, found that one z900 could do the job of hundreds of other servers combined.

"The zSeries** offers significant energy cost advantages over traditional UNIX*** server farms," Hurwitz Group concludes in their report, "zSeries: Economic e-business Server." The report goes on the say that in a comparison between a Sun server farm and a zSeries-based implementation for an Internet Service Provider "it is clear that the zSeries enjoys an advantage."

What makes the IBM eServer an energy-efficient alternative is its ability to run thousands of virtual Linux servers within one box. Application service providers, Internet service providers and Web-hosting companies that in the past required a large number of individual servers and a huge investment in real estate can now save by using one z900 to do the same job.

While a typical configuration of 750 Sun servers costs approximately $620/day in electricity to run, a single z900 -- running the same workload -- costs only $32/day, a power saving ratio of nearly 20-1. The savings are even more dramatic when floor space requirements of a server farm are considered. The average server farm requires some 10,000 square feet of floor space compared with only 400 square feet for a single IBM z900. At an average of 100 Watts per square foot, the savings can be significant.

"Power efficiency should prove to be an added strength, certainly during the current electricity crunch and for the longer term, since these power problems won't be totally solved during the next few years," says Matterhorn Group in the report 'IBM's Secret Competitive Advantage.'" "Beyond mainframe efficiencies, we have evidence that IBM systems in general are more power efficient than their competitors on a kilowatt-hours per unit of performance scale across the board."

About IBM eServer z900
The IBM eServer zSeries 900, introduced in October 2000, is the first mainframe built from scratch with e-business as its primary function. The reinvented mainframe is built to handle the unpredictable demands of e-business, allowing thousands of servers to operate within one box.

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*The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the following descriptive term "server" following it.

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